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Welcome to Youngstown NY

Youngstown NY ~ Learn About the Great things in and around this little town!

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Special Note: All photos on these pages were taken in 2005. 
Whenever a vintage photo appears, it will be noted as such

Learn About the great things in and around Youngstown N.Y., 
Town of Porter, U.S.A. ~ Zip 14174

Find out about it's sportfishing opportunities, it's farms, who's who, who the neighbors are, where it is, what to do in the village and it's surrounding area, and MORE!!

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Main Street looking north in October
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Looking east on Youngstown-Lockport Road 
[route 93] notice the Red Brick School on the left and the Cabbage Fest sign above.
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St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church
was a mission until about 1913 when it became a parish. In 1915 the church returned to a mission status for a period of 31 years.
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St. John's Episcopal Church had it's beginnings in 1863 and this church was finally built in 1878
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First Presbyterian Church 
Was founded on 
August 1 1823
Photo Coming
St. John's Lutheran Church
Since the early 1800's, church in photo was built around 1966-69
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Youngstown Post Office as it stands today
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Youngstown Volunteer Fire Company 
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Youngstown Cold Storage as it sits unused today
Built by the Farmers Co-Op in 1915
Photo soon
Youngstown Baptist Church. First worship services held 1994
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Recreation Office at Veteran's Park
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One of the Baseball Diamonds at Veteran's Park
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Memorial at Veteran's Park. The marker reads:
"Veteran's of the Ages, Town of Porter, Youngstown NY. Dedicated May 31 2004"

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The "Red Brick School" was built in 1892. In 1971 it was converted to use as the village hall, library and recreation center which is in use today
Fishing in Youngstown was always a major industry from the Blue Pike days up until the advent of trout and salmon stocking in recent years. Commercial fishing abounded in the early days. 
Loads of Blue Pike information can be found on
this link

Father Louis Hennepin, Missionary and Historian, is believed to be the first  to write of sightings of native salmon in our surrounding waters when he wrote about seeing these huge fish around 1678 trying to cascade the great Falls. If you would like to know more about Niagara River Fishing, go to the 
Niagara River Anglers Website right here and read about the "Great Niagara River Fishing Story"

Fish Pictures      

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Map of Youngstown, NY 14174, US