13 Fishing Envy Black Spinning Rod Review

The Black Envy 13 Fishing line-up is a lightweight, performance-driven rod series known for a blend of quality components and advanced technologies, setting the angler industry standard.

However, you don’t get classic finesse components on the cheap, and this series of rods is anything but a budget-friendly option.

That being the case, you have to ask yourself if you’re an avid tournament fisherman that requires a rod for productive tournament techniques or can go with a more affordable option instead.

That’s why this review deconstructs the Envy Black spinning rod to identify whether you’re ready to land trophy-caliber fish with the help of 13 Fishing’s advanced fishing rods.



  • Smooth casting action
  • Top-tier overall sensitivity
  • Excellent power ratings


  • Above-average price point
  • More brittle than most
  •  Foam split-grip handle


Construction (craftsmanship, make quality)

The blank design of this fishing rod goes way further than providing perfect balance with this versatile spinning rod employing poly-vector manufacturing techniques.

This approach not only ensures that the blank allows for a sensitive spinning rod but provides solid all-round performance at pretty much every point along the pole.

This carbon fiber manufacturing process even goes beyond the general balance between fish-fighting power ratings and high-quality components and even improves cast control.

Of course, you won’t find anything resembling 13 Fishing’s proprietary Zonal Action Technology on a more affordable spinning rod.

Following the length of the blank sees durable stainless steel rings that, depending on the model, increase your average fish detection with zirconia inserts.

Though, the base spinning models use SiC inserts instead.

Regardless, this balanced spinning rod as sports a stylish design, though that’s just a bonus given that even the aesthetics improve productive tournament techniques.

For instance, the chrome-plated carbon fusion reel seat explicitly exposes part of the blank to improve sensitivity and increase your fish landing ratios.

As if that were not enough, any fishing fan will appreciate that this friendly spinning rod has custom handles that likewise blend key elements to make a unique fishing concept.

Much like with the reel seat, the handle leaves plenty of open blank spots for your hands to receive vibrations whether bass fishing or just generally stepping up your fishing game.


Looking at the wide array but a narrow range of lengths, you might assume that these are bass fishing rods with lengths of 6’10”, 6’11”, 7’1″, 7’2″, and 7’3″.

While this spinner rod comes in numerous different lengths, none of them feature a 2-piece model design which can make transporting them a bit tricky. 


Part of what allows 13 Fishing to find the perfect balance with the Black Envy series is the utilization of Japanese 46 Ton Toray Graphite.

This is an exceptionally low-modulus carbon fiber thread that sits around the IM12 rating.

However, the poly-vector manufacturing process helps reduce some of the brittleness this graphite material generally carries without sacrificing any of its delicious sensitivity.

On the other hand, it’s a bit surprising to see stainless-steel guides on such a sensitive spinning rod, but that’s because the SiC inserts more than make up for any lost vibrations from the frame.

It also doesn’t hurt that this combination of ring and insert is one of the strongest, allowing you to cast heavy braided lines without having to worry about them slicing through the guides.

One area where the materials don’t necessarily seem to line up with this series’ price point is the handle and its EVA foam.

However, the design of the split-grip handle actually accentuates the foam, eliminating the potential issues while still benefiting from the additional comfort– though a high carbon content butt would still be preferred.


This 13 Fishing spinning pole comes in fast and extra-fast actions which allow for accurate casts, but the Zonal Action Technology also enables loading rods with casting power quickly.

This design makes the Envy Black a friendly spinning rod to cast that can also get a good bit more distance than you might otherwise expect given its build.

Without a moderate action, you shouldn’t necessarily expect 150-plus-foot casts, but neither should you have to worry about the line catching during flight and reducing your casting distance either.

However, when you combine the low-modulus carbon-graphite fibers with these two pole actions, the sensitivity flies through the roof.


One surprising aspect of these spinning fishing rods is the power ratings which don’t provide nearly the breadth of range that you might find in some of the competition.

However, the power ratings offered tend to be more than enough to pull green leviathans out of heavy cover when using heavy baits or oversized lures.

Still, with power settings that sit squarely in the medium-ish range, you’re likely not going to go after the biggest saltwater fish species nor the soft-mouth fish like crappie.

But, that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about this lineup’s power as you’ll be treated with plenty of backbone to help you tackle the fiercest fish putting up the fight of their lives.

Rod Guides

The Fuji K-frame American Tackle design uses stainless-steel guides suitable for everything from jerk baits to oversized lures with SiC inserts that make for extremely smooth casting.

In fact, this guide system is so well-performing that many customers who needed to return the rod on warranty copped to saving guides before turning in the rod.

While the crankbait models come with ALPS 316 Stainless Steel Guides with Zirconia Inserts, you don’t have to worry about missing out on fish detection with zirconia inserts.

That’s because these 13 Fishing poles come with SiC inserts which, while not quite as sensitive as Zirconia, are far more durable than the faux-diamond mineral.

Handle (material, shape, etc)

The Envy Black spinning pole uses custom handles with an interesting approach to try and skirt the line between comfort and performance– and succeeds with resounding results.

First, the split-grip design is a vital part of the rod’s sensitivity, allowing you to feel every little nibble’s vibration despite the EVA foam material.

However, the Evolve SnaggleTooth hook keeper positioned on the undercarriage is its own breath of fresh air that not only prevents tangles when you’re not fishing but helps keep the line aligned when you are.

And, as is expected, the high-density Japanese EVA foam is extremely comfortable in your hands, helping stave off hand fatigue during all-day fishing trips.

Uses (Who is this good for)

Experienced anglers know that the perfect balance between fish-fighting power and sensitivity for a wide range of fishing applications generally determines the value of a rod.

However, to truly step up your fishing game, you need a pole with a fishing concept that allows you to employ any number of different techniques without issue, so you can spend time fighting fish and not your spin-casting reel.

Of course, selective anglers also understand that the demands saltwater fishing presents require premium performance for everything from heavy baits to an oversized lure or even just basic bait presentations.

At the same time, this is one of the best rods for kayak fishing and even allows for subtle jerk bait techniques with a limited range of motion.

Beginners, on the other hand, are probably better served picking up a budget-friendly, reliable spinning rod with an above-average performance at an affordable price rather than a versatile spinning rod meant for finesse tactics.

Still, when you include the Envy’s SnaggleTooth hook keeper and bait keeper position, the convenience might be worth the beginner’s investment.

Thankfully, the American Tackle used works well for both types of fishermen, though the tournament anglers are more likely to stomach the fishing gear investment better.

Reel and Real Seat Compatibility

The Envy Black design sees a carbon skeletal reel seat hooded with chrome-plating making for an awesome reel seat design that also highlights 13 Fishing’s advances in tackle.

However, some people feel like this is a bad design and prefer a carbon skeletal reel seat instead– especially once it comes down to actually fighting fish.

That said, the Evolve Carbon Divide reel seat affords superior performance that tournament anglers will love– whether or not it feels “the same” as all of the other options in their quiver of rods.


With a 10-year limited warranty agreement, this model doesn’t have the best warranty on paper, but more than makes up for it with stellar warranty service.

Aside from the fact that there are reasonable trade-in options, many customers note saving guides before turning their pole in without issue.

Customer Service

As mentioned when discussing the warranty agreement, this rod offers an incredible warranty service that also includes helpful representatives who aren’t trying to fight with you or frame the interaction as “your fault” like so many others.

Conclusion (Wrap Up)

13 fishing spin fishing rods apply unique fishing concept features to achieve not just a solid all-round performance but genuine premium performance well worth the trade-off from a more affordable option.

This series of rods is for selective anglers who demand a lightweight, performance-driven rod series to improve their fish landing ratios and catch those trophy-caliber fish.

From aesthetics to performance, this model employs cutting-edge technologies to the carbon blank that you won’t find on budget options.

This versatile spinning rod is great for a range of fishing applications with a blend of power and classic finesse components.

Though it’s far from a budget-friendly option, this 13 Fishing line-up is definitely a must-have for any true fishing fan.