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     THE CONSERVATION PLEDGE "I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country ~ itís air, soil and minerals, itís forests, waters and wildlife."


Established in 1939


At our 374 acre complex,  in the Town of Lewiston, New York, we take pride in our organized activities, which includes: shooting sports, archery, fishing, hunting, bird watching. x-country skiing and a variety of social events. Our facility invites you to bring your entire family to enjoy a total outdoor experience.

Conservation ~ Conservation is a very important part of the Three-F Club. Some of our members study birds and waterfowl through their Spring and Fall migration. You can get an up close and personal view of some of the most interesting birds in the region. Caught in a mist net, data is taken and leg bands are installed. The birds are then released for future study. ~ By planting pine trees, wild flower and clover, we contribute to the natural habitat. In addition, ponds have been created for nesting waterfowl.

Ponds ~ There are four ponds on our property for your enjoyment. The largest is a 32-acre lake stocked with Large Mouth Bass and Pan Fish All of the ponds can he used for bird watching, duck hunting, dog training and fishing.

Pheasant Hunting [Optional Program] ~ Our Pheasant program allows members to purchase various packages of birds, which are released for hunting. The size of the package can vary depending on individual interest. As the Three-F Club is non-profit, we are able to keep the cost of these packages low for our membership. ~ The birds are released prior to the members scheduled day of hunting. Bird releases are held on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday Special packages can be arranged for other days. [see pen]

Pavilion ~ A newly constructed 40 X 1 00 foot pavilion is located adjacent to the clubhouse. It is available for large parties, wedding receptions, company picnics and other events. [pavilion]

Shotgun ~ Shotgun shooters will enjoy our 5 skeet fields and 2 trap fields.  Organized winter skeet leagues last 20 weeks, followed by an awards banquet. Our 10-week summer league varies to include skeet and trap. [skeet/trap]

Indoor Pistol Range ~ Our 50 foot range, designed for pistol and small caliber rifles, has 5 shooting stations, each with mechanical target transporters, making it unnecessary to leave the shooting line to change targets. It is well ventilated and has excellent lighting.

Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Range ~ The Club's outdoor range is located to the west of the clubhouse and allows for shooting for various distances, up to 200 yards. [picture]

  Archery ~ The outdoor course rambles through pines and hardwoods. It has 40 3-D targets and 14 excelsior bales to accommodate all types of shooting. In addition. 5 practice targets are available for general use. During the winter months we convert the pavilion to an insulated indoor shooting range. Range activities include, a 20-yard league and 3-D target shooting, with targets placed in a setting of hay bales and pine trees. Truly a unique atmosphere for the indoor shooter. Our Pro-Staff archery shooters will gladly share their expertise to help archers, young and old improve their skills

Social Activities ~ The Three-F Club has sponsored numerous activities including Christmas parties. dances, ice skating. family picnics. canoe racing, wine and cheese tasting and much more. There is truly something for everyone. [picture of social quarters]

For more information call the 3-F Club at [716] 754-2293 or email us.

"Join the Three-F Family and become partners in Conservation."




The Nominating Committee is seeking individuals interested in running for the Clubs two Director positions expiring 12/31/03. Interested members should contact Dan Skurski, 754-8574,  Dale Shank,  791-3809 or Randy  Armagost , 754-2082 on or before November 11, 2003. ELECTIONS will take place at the Club on 12/16/03 from 12 Noon - 9P.M. Please VOTE.

Proposed changes to the Clubís Constitution /By-laws & The Rules & Regulations are posted at the Club on the bulletin board. Please take a look at them & if you have a comment contact your Board of Directors. A SPECIAL MEETING TO APPROVE THE PROPOSED CHANGES WILL TAKE PLACE AT 7:00P.M. JANUARY 20, 2004.  (This is prior to the monthly meeting for January 2004)

Doug Walck  and his staff of instructors is seeking interested boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 19yrs old who are interested in joining the Junior 3F Program. Participants will participate in shooting programs on the indoor rifle range, Skeet and trap fields under the guidance of N.Y. State Hunter Safety instructors. Interested parties should  call Doug at 282-0625. The program will begin in January 2004.

A New York State Pistol Permit Course / Home Safety Handgun  Course  will be offered at the Club on December 14, 2003. Participation is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. The cost is $50.00 per person and includes all  NRA instructional materials. Contact Doug Walck .  There are handouts at the Club with more information.

The Club is looking for some individuals to help put a 3 F CLUB Web Page together. If you have computer skill this is your opportunity.  This might be an area some of our Junior 3 Fíer  could help with.  If you can help contact Mark at the bar or one of your directors.

If you have a suggestion or an article you would like included  in the next Newsletter e-mail it to: [email protected]


The Skeet  Committee Chairmen this year are Jim Perri, 745-3982 and Jerry Gipp, 745-3679. A general meeting to discuss the upcoming season has been scheduled for November 12, 2003 at 7PM at the Club. All teems should have a representative present.  League shooting will begin 12/6/2003 - you must have six (6) scores posted by January 3, 2004. Jerry advised that there will be a youth skeet program  this year . The details are still being worked out.


 Dave Cosgrove, has volunteered to be the Archery Chairman for the 2004 League season. Club members interested in  joining this committee to help Dave should contact a member of the Board of Directors .  ( Dave does not have a phone as of this newsletter)        


Again this year grass cutting was done on a weekly basis. The Club has two Riding lawn mowers, 1 John Deer commercial mower, 1 pull behind mower connected to a tractor and two push hand mowers.  This equipment is manned by a committee consisting of Frank Wright, Charles Deering, Gardener Rising, Walter Gregg and Jerry Condren. A special thanks goes out to this crew for making the Club a pleasant place to come to.


The Pheasant Program got off to a great start on September 21st. We have a total of 80 Club members in this years program with 31 on a waiting list. The program is restricted to 80 hunters for safety reasons. This general program will run to January 15, 2004. After this date hunting is only allowed for pheasant Program members who have purchased Package Birds. The final day for all pheasant hunting will be February 17, 2004. The Club has contracted for 1900 Pheasants to be delivered at given times for use in this program.


The Fall Song Bird Banding Project is coming to an end with the major migration of birds almost over. There was a total of 167 birds banded and released for the fall banding period. This brings the total to 524 birds banded on the 3F club property for the year 2003. This Program will start up again about May 1st, 2003 for the 28th consecutive year. The planting of wildlife crops that took place in June has worked out very well. The wet summer encouraged growth which resulted in bumper crops of sorghum and sunflowers.

Howard pond has again been a real problem for fishing with the over abundance of Lilly Pads.  We area trying to get them under control but at the present time losing the battle. The plus side is the ponds water level. It is the highest ever for this time of year. If all goes well we should be at the maximum elevation after the winter thaw.

KIDS CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday, December 20, 2003  1:00PM to 3:00PM Registration Forms  MUST be received before FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12.  to ensure Santaís elves have time to make their rounds for the good girls and boys! All children or grandchildren ages 0 - 10 yrs of a member are welcome to attend. All kids must be accompanied by an adult. Members name and phone number please on the registration form on the following page. ALL REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12.

ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Saturday, December 20, 2003  6:00PM to ????  Contact Joe Jakubowski  phone 745-7014 for reservations and leave a message. Joe says tickets will be available at the bar as well.  ( Joe needs to know the aprox. number of folks attending to ensure he has enough shrimp on hand. Please make your reservations early)



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