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Internal problems with the Niagara River Anglers Association Explained

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November 27 2006 Guess What: In 1898 Lake Ontario Atlantic salmon were extinct! The last pair of native Atlantic salmon was seen in a small tributary on the Canadian side of the lake. Lake Ontario had once supported the greatest freshwater population of the Atlantic salmon in the world.

November 23 2006 It's illegal to milk the eggs out of a fish and return it to the water - whether it's in season or not. To report a violation, call (877) 457-5680. Write that number down!

November 1 2006
New Federal Order Issued That Restricts Interstate Transport of Live Fish....... This is IMPORTANT to you and the whole the fishing industry! Please go to this page and find out all about the VHS Disease. Posted November 1 2006 ~ Official NYS DEC Press Release. ~ The page will load extremely fast and there is a link to bring you back here. ..... So Smart wants you to know!
October 21 2006 DEC recently announced that approximately 26,400 adult pheasants will be released on lands open to public hunting for this fall's pheasant hunting season. The pheasant hunting season begins on October 1, 2006, in northern and eastern portions of New York; October 21, 2006, in central and western portions, and November 1, 2006, on Long Island. Now, Did you know this? The pheasants that are released are raised at DEC's Reynolds Game Farm in Ithaca. The majority are released on state wildlife management and cooperative hunting areas prior to and during the fall hunting season
October 14 2006

Wal-Mart is cutting back on fishing tackle in their 3,900 U.S. Stores. It is reported Wal-Mart accounts for a whopping 35% of all tackle sales in the U.S. ............ Independent retailers are praising this move but manufacturers that depend on the Big Box are not too happy. Mfgr's inventories will need some serious adjusting. Change creates opportunities for independents. 

October 13 2006

One year after being introduced and 5,000 reported violations later, the Ministry of Natural Resource's ''tips line'' is being hailed a success.

Ontario residents have helped protect our natural resources by phoning in more than 5,000 potential violations to the tips reporting line since its inception a year ago.

Fish and wildlife violations make up 71% of the tips, land and water violations 20%, and other violations 9%. Calls have led to 1,410 investigations and 86 convictions, including a $10,500 fine in an illegal deer hunting case.

The Ontario toll-free tips line -- (877) TIPS-MNR (847-7667) -- operates 24 hours a day year round.


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So Smart Sez; If you can't trust a fish,  
who can you trust?



Posted 09/26/06 
From Mark Daul ~  
RE: About the Anglers News & Views & My Quitting my jobs

Please note: Just so we are all on the same page, a column in your current News & Views [Sept/Oct] was re-edited by your interim president without even considering the N & V Editor which as been me for many many years. Because of a rift that the president manufactured with me, he decided to take upon himself to edit my editorial which was an explanation to the membership and all others concerned, for the reasons I voluntarily gave up my duties in the Association. It was because of the example shown by re-editing that I had to finally give up and give in to the antics of your temporary president and his sidekick, the new treasurer. 

If you read the interim presidents story on page one, left hand column you will see first off how  in the article how false that story is. There was an attempt to praise me for my work and tell a story about this and that. What a bunch of crap from someone who has done his best to demean me for the last several years. The man has the nickname of "Mr. Negative" behind his back, of course, from some people and even some that he calls friends. 

I warned the entire board and other officers there would be consequences if my article was edited or fooled with in any way. It was messed with and I am not going to stand still for it. I am not the only one disgruntled, I am the only one with enough balls to stand up and say what is on my mind. 

Take the time as long as you are here to read my true factual editorial that was to be printed in the September/October News & Views. Let me also tell you that you will hear from board members that that was not appropriate content for our News & Views. I disagree, especially after the harassment I have received from your temporary interim president. I have ignored it for the most part so ask yourself, how much would you take and still sit still. ?????????????????...." What goes around, comes around"

Starting here is for those that need a very very brief update:

        As of September 13th I no longer have any volunteer duties with the Niagara River Anglers Association Inc. of which I am a founder, lifetime member and now former News & Views Editor and Web Site Administrator. After several months of haggling with the newly appointed temporary president and his "in the pocket guy,"  the treasurer, I reluctantly quit my duties. I gave up on the constant haggling and listening to lies from someone who should be a leader of our great organization but is far from it. Some of you ought to take your horse blinders off and see the real light. The dissention and negativism is too much of a cross to bear by me. I have been embarrassed publicly, at meetings, on the forum, and will not stand for it any longer. 

      I was the guy that wrote the first News & Views newsletter in 1982 not a "young couple" as stated in the redone editorial. It was done with a hand from our first President John DeLorenzo and I have done it for much of our 24 years of history. The following year around 1983, I designed our cover much like it is today. The rounded "NIAGARANGLERS" logo letters were done from paste up letters bought in the old Ulbrich's  store in the Summit Park Mall. The rest was typewritten by the "hunt & peck" system. Never did learn how to type any other way. It's still hunt 'n peck.

      Along came the computer age and in the year 2000 I built the Niagara River Anglers website from scratch. It was the best website of its kind anywhere. [and still is for the time being] This summer 2006, it amassed over 105,000 visitors in that short of time. There must have been a reason.

       Now the September/October News & Views was compromised by our overzealous temporary president of the Niagara River Anglers Association because he couldn't let the members know the truth about how he blatantly attempted to "FIRE" me. I tried meeting with the man by sending a letter directly to him stating I would like to meet somewhere with him so we could "iron things out" and get on a smooth understanding so the Association isn't harmed with infighting. Nope. Needless to say, my request went ignored even after reminding him of that fact, I was still ignored. 

The September/October News & Views was dreadfully late because the new temporary prez did not want you to know what I said in my editorial. the temp prez had to re-edit it to suit himself so he doesn't look bad and hide behind the disguise of doing it so not to harm the Association. Ha! Baloney, he just can't stand to tell the truth about this matter or hear it either, as a matter of fact. The News & Views was sent to the printers on September 6 so you would have it on time to learn about the Fish Odyssey and the Wildlife Festival. By the time you got it those things were all over with.  

Read the last sentence of the temp prez's column. It says "We will miss you" Hogwash. What a lie that is! I had to go to the emergency room to get my stomach pumped out when I saw that because I was choking from laughing so hard.

MY EDITORIAL AS IT WAS WRITTEN: Exactly, word for word;

From The Editor …To our Members 
by Mark Daul

       Recently I have been under pressure from the president and your new treasurer to resign my "volunteer" position as N & V Editor and Web Administrator for reasons only they can attempt to explain. In fact "resign" is not really the word I have had used against me. There was an attempt as the president put it; to "Fire Mark Daul" [exact words] this came about at the March board meeting and the board would not allow it. The vote was 9 for keeping me and 2 [two] to "fire" me. So I stayed on and did my job anyway, up until now.

      At the September Board meeting I reluctantly quit doing the things for this organization that I have done for a solid 24 years. Yup, twenty-four years. You name it and I did it!

I must apologize to all the membership for my actions and to lose contact with friends I have kept with all this time is certainly a sad time for me.

Your president, and your treasurer can explain everything to you but watch out for the half-truths. If you would like the real story, email me at [email protected] or phone me 745-7818 and I will give you back answers to questions you may have so you can decide for yourself. I will not be anyone's puppet or a goat for anyone. Never have, never will.

I know for a fact there are a very small percentage of our members that are web fanatics so there are a select few that keep up with things on our message board and those that have, do you think the language expressed against me there was fair?

No More snarling, punitive, sinister, bitterly sarcastic, lying remarks for me. Sorry members, and to the board members that have supported me. …... Good luck to the next person doing this volunteer job.

Thank you all for your support and the positive comments from you over the years. I loved every minute!
 …Mark Daul

If you members that are aware of this, and will be honest with yourself you will agree that I am telling it the way it is. Nothing harsh like I would have liked to tell it, just the plain facts. There is no love lost here.

         I would like elaborate on a point to the people reading this, if you remember right, there were some people who sided with the interim prez while he was jibber jabbering on the forum about "Who's the prez?" That was pretty laughable for a while until I was told, "hey Mark why don't you get up off your ass and ......blah blah blah...."  Now it was getting personal and I deleted that entire post on Friday May 26th at 12:12 pm. [I have the records]  NOW those same guys criticized me for removing the post because they were hiding behind the forum and using phony names. I would like you to know, I save everything and I did save those posts and if I feel like printing them here, I will. Just think I even may have looked up and saved your IP address too! Ill let you know later.  Did you ever figure out who the author was by the name of  "just wondering?" I did, on the second post.  Lets just call the person Jackass. Oh, by the way, just wondering, that person can't spell worth a crap if you noticed.  

Definition: A JACKASS IS: A person (s) of dubious intent and/or unintelligent or moronic action (s). [adv.] jackassery, actions befitting a jackass or herd of jackass.

         While we are focusing on the forum, I would like to remind the people that use it, there was a posting by the treasurer a little while back about the cost of the News & Views and in it, it said "you do the math". Another post by the treasurer after Don Supon asked the members for their input was "Are we working as individuals now Don? Or as a club?" [real friendly eh?]  "Why ask the members to send their thoughts and input to you?" it continued...."The cost of our newsletter keeps rising and it's costing our members the majority of their dues." ........ The answer to that is if you figure like the treasurer, it will always cost the majority of members dues. I NEVER EVER heard one complaint about that from the members in all my 24 years. It's all a "make Mark Daul look bad" thing...... 

       What your treasurer did not factor in that assumption was the value of the receipts from our advertiser's. As of right this moment, that value exceeds $4,000.00 and to date, as of right now, $2,370.00 of that money is in the bank to be used for offsetting News & Views costs. $2,370.00 divided by 5 News & Views issues = $474.00 an issue credit towards the cost. Assuming your News & Views cost $1,200.00 an issue including postage, break that down and the un-distorted News & Views factual cost from your dues is $7.26 for the year! Oh, don't forget, in that total, there are complimentary issues handed out free. [which should be]  

Who is Bullsh*tt*ng who? 

       Either it was a failed effort in an attempt at demeaning Mark Daul or the treasurer would like you to think he is perfect in every way and only doing his job. That's what politicians do!......... These cost of newsletter discussions have surfaced for hours at board meetings, never to resolve anything because it is all in black & white. I'm surprised at you JJ for falling for that B.S. You responded, remember? I do...... In fact for a guy that never attended a meeting you sure have a great view of things even though they are slanted...... Stick to your EXCELLENT posts on the forum, you are a leader there and everyone listens. Don't compromise yourself.

         Now remember, take into account advertisers that advertised last year and their advertising money is still in effect. What that is called is overlapping 2005 and 2006. 

         I think you members that are reading this should ask the "powers to be" questions and don't accept lies and walk away. get a good answer so you don't have questions down the road. If you are a member and an adult in good standing you should be able to tell the difference. Ask your other board members, most won't lie to you.  

       There needs to be changes in the Niagara River Anglers Association if we are to continue to exist. Think about it in December. Don't be fooled into believing we can't do without this person or that person. We can exist, and we can get better and stronger. 

About us and the IRS..........................

       We are a 501c3 U.S. Government entity now and we are no longer "independent"  We have a partner now and that is the United States Government Internal Revenue Service. How great do you think that is???  Our books have to be exactly correct and from now on, we must answer to the big guys. No room for innocent errors. It is my understanding [I can't prove this] we just paid a fine as a  late filing fee recently to the IRS because we didn't file some papers on time even after filing for an extension it was still late! $$$$$ down the tube. Maybe that is what we were charged by the accountant?  I don't really know, the accountant charged us $300.00 in June for something for a total of $400.00. Maybe this should be questioned? I would.

       I can show you how to avoid those late charges and the accountant we hired should have known too. Time to stop payment to the present accountant and hire another one maybe, after all, accountants are a dime a dozen. And after all again, I'm just a garage mechanic.... so your temporary prez  says. What a bummer.

       I definitely have more on all the subjects above and certainly will elaborate more as I see fit. There are absolutely no lies, half truths or fabrications in what I have said in this article on this page........ Bet your boat on it!  Scroll down more

So Smart sez to check back soon and to bookmark this page because as soon as we get rid of this low life stuff that is here now, we will be putting some good stuff here that will interest all. 

If you have comments, please feel free to post them on the Outdoors Niagara Forum.
Or if you wish, email me Here



For those that requested to read the temporary presidents report from the September/October News & Views, here it is. I have added my comments in blue so as to define the truth from the untruths and to add my comments......enjoy

While trying to make me look good in front of the membership by a phony written column, that has made me even more upset. Pay special attention to the very last sentence! As you are reading this just think how my nice friend did his best to choose the right words in his mind and the person [s] that helped. Oh, how sweet we can be....


Niagara River Anglers Association Inc. NEWS & VIEWS September/October 2006

HEADLINE --> "Editor Mark Daul Retires" ~ Mark Daul QUIT ~ "Not Retire"
by Paul Hacksem

"Mark Daul longtime editor of the News and Views informed the Board of Directors his desire to once again retire from his duties as editor of our News & Views and as Web Administrator of the Niagara River Anglers web site." NOTE: How phony can that statement be? As stated in my editorial, I specifically stated "Recently I have been under pressure from the president and your new treasurer to resign my volunteer position"

"Mark, as many of you longtime members remember, was one of the founding members of the Angler Association, helping to start the club with a few fellow anglers while standing around in his tackle shop on Whirlpool St. in Niagara Falls. The idea stuck and an organizational meeting was set in Lewiston at the Beuna Vista Restaurant I was there that night in 1982, along with a few dozen friends other anglers." NOTE: In case you need reminding I was there and there were 90 to 100+ people in attendance and about 50-60 signed up right that night. Not a few dozen as stated. "A board was elected with John Delorenzo serving as the first president. A few meetings later a newsletter was started by a young couple, who passed it on to another and when that person found out he didn’t have the time, Mark stepped up and said he’d give it a try." Now understand this: I must have been that "young couple" as stated. I have the very first Newsletter that was printed and it was typed by me on an old Underwood typewriter my mother had lying around in her basement. It was printed by Graphic Services in the alley on Pierce Avenue & Hyde Park. The newsletter addresses were hand written by me and my wife. "Now remember computers were in there infancy and Mark learned to type" [I learned to type by hunt 'n peck system in 1958 because I had a job at the time that forced me to learn] "and formulate it and a few advertisers were found and the News & Views really got off to a good start."  [I can name practically all the advertiser's from my head, that supported us at the beginning.] "As computer technology increased Mark learned from the ground up how to run programs and was able to make the News & Views the fine publication it is today." [tongue in cheek]

"Around about 2000 Mark asked the board and Doug Stein who was the president at the time if we would like to have a web site. and Niagara River Anglers .com was born and grew to be the fine web site it is now. Quite an accomplishment for a man who started out as a garage mechanic." ......A garage mechanic?.....HERE IS WHERE I COME FROM: My first job was a pin setter at Ideal Lanes on Ontario Avenue in Niagara Falls. Good job, good money in 1953. From there and while I was in Trott Vocational High School, I took Auto Shop and finished at the top of my Auto Shop class consistently all the while working in a filling station after school on Hyde Park Boulevard. From there I worked at the local Rambler dealer as the Parts Manager. It was a good job but I wanted more challenges so I gambled and borrowed money on my house and went into business for myself [April 1 1964] and opened a gas station and garage that had been previously closed for five years. I had up to five employees  working for me at a time. [mechanics, auto body man & pump attendants] Oh, I was just reminded [10/09/06] that I picked fruit in the summers on Leonard Allen's farm on Lake Road in Youngstown for three years while I was in school.

Because of my love for fishing, I gambled and converted my gas/garage on Whirlpool Street into a very successful bait and tackle shop. Later I opened a second shop on Hyde Park Blvd. along with a family owned breakfast & lunch diner/restaurant. From my bait & tackle business, the Niagara River Anglers Association was born. There were just four of us with the idea and from that four it grew to eight and early meetings were held at Bubba's Tavern on Niagara Street and then to Stan Stopa's home above his bait & tackle shop on 24th. St.
I know that's more than you want to know but for the doubters and to put the record straight, you just found out first hand. ........ No rumors please. 

The website was born about 2000 and in 2000 was when I had my throat cancer operation and was sick as a dog can get but it never interfered with my duty to the Association. Newsletters went out and it took an old guy like me to learn about building websites. The "old man" went out and spent around $90.00 out of his own pocket just to learn how to do it then I approached the board to see if they wanted to step into the 21st. century. That's how the website started.

"In 2003 Mark came to the Board and said it was time to retire and pursue other interests. After a brief retirement Mark was asked to come back to the helm of the News & Views and the web site because he still had the equipment and the expertise."  ANY equipment I have, I own and paid for it all from my own pocket NOT the Anglers.  I did go to the board and state just what the first line says. "it was time to retire and pursue other interests." In fact that line was taken from the same newsletter article I wrote back then. However, I DID LIE in that statement. I didn't "retire," that was my way of trying to keep an even keel in our Association. I was hiding the truth from you then.  At the time I was being prodded by the same persons prodding me today into writing the News & Views "their way". May god strike me dead if I'm lying.  They had a replacement all lined up that would "do it their way" Two issues of that, and I was asked by then President Stein if I would come back and get us back on an even keel again. I was happy to oblige because I really missed it, and besides I was doing it my way.   "He said he would on an interim basis but we got so complacent that we forgot Mark wanted to retire." There was no forgetting here, it was the case of a great big ego. "Fire him!" What a farce. "So now the time is here. As of Sept 13th, Mark will be releasing his duties   and we will be looking for a replacement. In the meantime Board Members and friends will try to put out a Dec. Newsletter and keep the web site running." I did not "release" my duties I reluctantly quit. What a dumb statement that is. "Anyone who would like to take on this job or part of it please contact me at fish­[email protected] or any officer or board member."  NOTE: Be Careful you will definitely be micro-managed without a doubt. Good Luck.

Last Paragraph:
Mark now is the time to put your feet up on your deck and watch the boats go by or maybe you might even have the time to go fishing yourself. Enjoy your retirement."  "We will Miss You" Ohhh, my god!   

 "We will miss you?" .........Oh, how sweet. That's when I got sick.  Sounds like a line from Brokeback Mountain! 

Thank you all for the support shown me. Mark

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