Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod Review

Abu Garcia is an extremely well-established brand in the fishing market with some of the best reels that you can find, but they also make plenty of high-quality rods.

However, a company as large and prestigious as Abu Garcia doesn’t just cater to the pros, many of which Abu Garcia sponsors.

That said, what happens when a company that won an award from the King of Sweden for the quality of its craftsmanship tries to make fishing equipment for the average person on a budget?

That’s what this list aims to answer as it breaks down one of Abu Garcia’s most popular casting fishing rods.

The Vengeance is part of Abu Garcia’s “V-Series” and generally hovers at a price point that sits near the “pricey budget” range.

But is the Abu Garcia Vengeance worth the extra cost compared to some of its budget-friendly competition, or just a bunch of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


  • 24T graphite blank
  • Stainless steel and titanium oxide guides
  • Comes in numerous configurations


  • Only comes in 1 pc
  • Poorly packaged shipping



Construction (craftsmanship, make quality)

This is a category where you expect virtually any Abu Garcia product to sit at the front of the class, but the Vengeance is a bit of a mixed bag.

Granted, that’s relative to your expectations, but if you come to the Vengeance looking for the same Abu Garcia quality you’d find on one of the company’s products costing five times or more, you’re going to be disappointed. 

That said, the 24-ton graphite blank is still one of the better-built rods that you can find at this price point, just understand that it’s built to the expected specs of a rod that costs what it does.

Still, when compared to similarly priced competitors, this fishing rod is, at least, as strong as the leaders if not stronger.


The Abu Garcia comes in 4 different lengths which may not seem like much, but it means that the company snuck in an extra length not commonly used.

In this instance, you can choose from the 6’6”, 7’, and 7’6” models for common sizes or opt for the less common 6’9” model.

Another good thing about this baitcasting fishing rod’s length is that it complements the rod’s power.


As is fairly common at this level, the Abu Garcia Vengeance employs 24-ton graphite when constructing its blank.

That said, this is your “standard” 24-ton graphite, and you shouldn’t try pushing it too hard just because it’s an Abu Garcia product.

Oddly enough, this casting pole seems to suffer more damage in transit than it does out in the field.


All of the Vengeance Series casting rods except for one come in a fast action, and even that exception still comes in a medium-fast action.

While this places some limitations on the type of fishing you can do with this rod, it still allows for fishing in smaller waters and provides additional control when casting.


Where a lot of budget-friendly rods will hover around the medium power rating to appeal to a wider range of fishermen, the Vengeance Series leans a bit heavier.

Designed more for fighting large fish with plenty of energy, the average power rating of this fishing rod is medium-heavy.

However, this casting fishing pole also offers a medium power and a heavy power for edge cases.


It may not seem like it given all of the other features, but making a lightweight, budget-friendly rod was Abu Garcia’s inspiration for the Vengeance.

The great news is that Abu Garcia achieved its goal with a smashing success with most of the series’ rods sitting at just under 5 oz with maximum and minimum of just under 6 oz and 4 oz, respectively.


The fast action of the Abu Garcia Vengeance Series casting fishing rod means you can expect plenty of sensitivity right out of the box without considering anything else.

On top of that, this baitcasting fishing pole also boasts a high modulus thanks to the choices needed to make it lightweight as well.


With a fast action, the Abu Garcia Vengeance Series doesn’t flex during the cast as much as some other actions.

This provides you additional control when casting as well as more sensitivity when setting the hook.

That said, you need to match your fish with the line better for this taper than a softer one.

Markings on Rod

Unlike plenty of high-end, professional-grade casting rods, the Abu Garcia Vengeance doesn’t boast the rod’s limitations and specs on the rod, choosing instead to brand the rod.

This may be a bit frustrating, especially for those used to top-tier equipment, but it’s pretty common for the budget-friendly category.

Rod Guides

The Abu Garcia Vengeance rod guides are nothing to write home about, but neither are they anything that should give you trouble either.

The stainless steel guides are durable enough and don’t contribute to tangled lines while the casting design and titanium oxide inserts add a little bit more security.

Handle (material, shape, etc)

The Abu Garcia Vengeance features a split handle, allowing you to put more power into your cast and reach farther distances.

This casting rod features EVA foam for the handle material which is pretty standard and shouldn’t present you with any trouble as it’s water-resistant and reasonably comfortable.

The trigger grip is a nice touch and allows for both a bit more power and control when casting.

Type of Rod

As the name details, the Abu Garcia Vengeance is a casting rod, positioning the reel to sit on top of the rod instead of underneath it.

This prevents the rod from potentially popping eyelets when fighting with a large fish and makes it easier to change the type of reel to suit the skill level of the fisherman using the rod.

Uses (Who is this good for)

This is another tricky question as it depends less on who you are as a fisherman and more on who you are as a consumer.

If you’re considering the Abu Garcia Vengeance, then you are likely looking for a budget-friendly rod that won’t break the bank but will still provide solid performance in a variety of different fishing situations.

If that’s your only qualification without considering any comparisons, then this casting rod is a great option that should provide everything you need.

However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly rod, there are plenty of alternatives that are nearly as good for a price that’s 50% lower.

This positions the Abu Garcia Vengeance for people who both want a great value but don’t want to sacrifice quality and are willing to pay a little bit more for it.

Reel and Real Seat Compatibility

Even though manufacturers often target many budget-friendly rods towards beginners and even children, the Abu Garcia makes it a point that its budget-friendly rod is still meant for seasoned fishermen.

You can tell this is the case from the exposed blank reel seat that is compatible with baitcasting reels.

Of course, you could always attach a spincast reel to make it easier for a beginner to use this rod.


Abu Garcia provides a standard 3-year warranty for the repair or replacement of all rods suffering “manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.”

This warranty also only covers the original purchaser who must show proof of purchase to redeem the warranty– though paying with cash can skirt around this.

Another thing to consider is that Abu Garcia stakes a lot on their reputation, so they are a bit more strict than some of the other companies as to what constitutes a “defect” and what’s user error.

Still, should you qualify for a repair or replacement, Abu Garcia is good about honoring it– something sorely needed for those “damaged on arrival” cases.

Customer Service

So, this section won’t be handled like you may expect as, by all accounts and measures, Abu Garcia’s customer service is reasonably responsive and reliable.

The quality of the customer service is not so much of an issue– just make sure that you have all of the appropriate documentation if you need to contact them.

No, the main issue with Abu Garcia’s customer service is that there’s a reasonable chance you might have to use it.

Oddly enough, the main issue occurs well before you ever have a chance to use the rod as the company regularly ships the one-piece rod in a box so small that moderate jostling during transport will damage the rod.

Conclusion (Wrap Up)

As you can see, for its price point, the Abu Garcia Vengeance is a fairly impressive, budget-friendly casting fishing rod.

With a solid build for the cost, some nice extra touches, and a reasonable range to find the right combination of specs for your local waters, this casting fishing pole is well worth the cost.

That said, you need to remember that, despite the Abu Garcia name attached, the Vengeance is still a budget-friendly fishing rod and will behave like one of the waters.

As long as you take care of this casting pole and use it as intended, it should last at least half a decade of regular use, which is about all you can ask for at this price.