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Ballistol for Guns and Fishing Tackle

QUESTION: Where can I buy Ballistol locally? ............ A: GO HERE

Please note: Ballistol is a multi purpose lubricant with a thousand uses. It is presented on the Outdoors Niagara website only to inform you of this "wonder oil" that has been around since the beginning of the 20th century [1904] and was invented for military use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The idea was to maintain the metallic parts of the soldier’s rifle but also to protect the wooden stocks and his leather gear.
It was so successful, there were many other uses discovered about this oil that it became known throughout the world. It is reported the soldiers even used it for minor wounds as an antiseptic. [non-toxic]

BALLISTOL is non-toxic for humans, warm-blooded animals, snakes and other cold-blooded land animals and for most aquatic life forms. BALLISTOL is free of known carcinogens. As an aerosol BALLISTOL is free from CFCs. It meets the criteria of the Federal Trade Commission for the claim of biodegradability.

             This is The Sportsmen's Oil

Why would an Outdoors website be touting this oil? It is a highly regarded lubricant that our local fishermen and hunters have a special interest in because of it's special qualities. Boaters, Motorists, Hikers, Mountaineers and all other Outdoorsmen and homeowners combined will find so many uses for it that it will boggle the mind. It is completely environmentally safe and is biodegradable and Non Toxic! No carcinogens'!   The Ballistol Sportsmen's oil is identical to  "Ballistol Lube" Same product but different labels.

Around the local Sportsmen's Clubs it has proven itself as it is the absolute best for it cleans & dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass, zinc, & tombac. It is used on the firearms moving parts as it lubricates as it cleans. Will not evaporate and leaves a very thin oily film.

Fishing Reels? Unequalled. Throw away your 3 in 1 !!!

QUESTION: Where can I buy Ballistol? ............ A: GO HERE

Use this product just once and you will throw your WD-40 away! 
There is no comparison! Pretty stiff claim eh? Try it and see!

Here's where you can purchase
Ballistol Locally:

Contact Gerry Condren
Youngstown NY
Click here to email

You will find you will save money rather
than buying over the internet.

It can be shipped to you if you are out of the area.
Just pay actual shipping costs ~ No handling charges

You can go to the Ballistol website to learn of the many  more uses for this product. You can purchase this product from the Ballistol site but Condren can tell you more about this fantastic product and even demonstrate it to prove it's worthiness and save you money

You are invited to visit this site and compare prices
If you can afford the shipping costs, buy it there, but make no mistake about it, 
I can save you money!!

And no minimum orders

Condren has been a Ballistol dealer for 5 years

Available and In Stock

  • 1 ounce liquid plastic handy bottle with micro-tip for tight places and where only a drop is needed

  • 1.5 ounce aerosol cans

  • 6 ounce aerosol cans

  • 16 ounce liquid cans [non-aerosol]

  • Also available in Gallon Containers.

There is a limited number of 11 ounce aerosol cans left. It will no longer be available in this size.

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Does It All!


A little Ballistol goes a long way!

The best investment you ever made.


6 ounce aerosol.
The is the ever-so popular 6 ounce aerosol container


This is the 1.5 ounce size. Convenient size to carry in your glove box, back pack, or to keep it handy in the kitchen!


1 Ounce Liquid Handy Bottle
With Micro-Tip applicator to get to spots where only a drop or two will do the job.


16 ounce liquid, non-aerosol can for heavy duty users. 

Remember "a little goes a long way"


This is the handy way for dispensing your Ballistol from the liquid, non-aerosol cans pictured on the left.

Available in Gallon size Please check for price quote ~ Guaranteed to save you money

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Does It All!

This is no fish story!
Web Owner Mark Daul's Note

Ballistol is a superior penetrating oil. Personally it has worked for me where other brands of penetrating oil failed. I have sprayed this oil on a rusted piece of metal and then rubbed it with my fingers and the rust actually came off on to my fingers! Since using Ballistol I don't have a squeaky door in my house or my cars. I have 2 old radios in my house and the volume control on each one would emit  static if I touched or moved the knob and I couldn't control the sound. I removed the knobs and sprayed Ballistol into the control, moved it up & down several times and bam! the control works just like new. 

I have experimented with this oil in every way imaginable. I sprayed some on the bottom of an old pizza pan and mixed some water with it and watched the water evaporate and ended up with a oily film left on the pan. Did the same thing with WD-40 and guess what. The WD-40 disappeared with the water! Try that experiment yourself. I even used it on the dashboard and the door trim on my car to liven up the vinyl like I have used Armour All vinyl protectant. Spray it on a damp cloth, wipe it on and look at the dirt on the cloth and the nice finish!.......... I don't know if it helps me shoot any straighter, but I now have the cleanest rifle barrel in the County! 

Spray it in your car door locks. Work the key in  and out and watch the dirt come out on your key and your locks work like new again. Use it in padlocks on your shed or garage. I freed up the outside door hinges on my old Chevy Van and restored the operation to new again and it stays in the hinge to lubricate I guess forever. 

My wife used it on her big leafed house plants to clean them up and make them shine. Worked perfectly. The plants were so happy they wiggled for days! Spray Ballistol on a very damp cloth and wipe!

I am overwhelmed with the success stories my friends have talked about with this product and that is why I offered to put the Ballistol information on this website. It is one of the best kept secrets. 

My friend goes around telling the story of every time he went to the night deposit at his bank in Lewiston NY, the door squeaked something terrible. That always bothered him. He remembered he had a small spry can of Ballistol in his car. He sprayed the hinges and WALLA! After four months the squeak is still gone. The bank never thanked him for hid good deed. True story.

I have another friends story to share. This guy was working on his pickup truck in his driveway trying to get a brake drum off the rear axle. It wouldn't budge after him and his buddy pounded on it, heated it, used a store penetrating oil on it for over an hour. At lunch time they were at wits end. THEN the truck owner remembered he had bought some Ballistol and said, "what the hell,  I'll give this a try", sprayed it on and went to lunch. When they got back [an hour later] they went back to struggle with the brake drum. The owner bent over, grabbed the drum, pulled on it and went bassakwards because it came off immediately, with him losing his balance expecting a struggle. True story.

I haven't sprayed it on my fishing lures yet to see if it helps me to catch more fish, but that's next. I'm sold on it.

Remember it is completely safe. It is environmentally safe and is biodegradable and Non Toxic! No carcinogens'  

I read somewhere where you could winterize your boat motor safely with this stuff because it displaces any  traces of moisture that natrually collects in the air inside the chambers. How about lawnmowers!

Use this product just once and you will throw your WD-40 away! 
There is no comparison! Don't be afraid to use it on leathers & plastics

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