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Niagara River Anglers Association Celebrates 25 years! 1982 ~ 2007

 21st ANNUAL
Niagara River Anglers


Information, Pictures and Results Below
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Hastings Alex Bass.jpg (58479 bytes)Click Pic
Winner of the 2007 Bass Classic
Andy Hastings and his 13 year old son Alex 
displaying their prize winning first place catch from the 2007 Niagara River Bass Classic
Lynn Formiak photo


Hastings Wins NRAA Bass Classic -

       Andy Hastings of Grand Island found two smallmouth bass lurking off Sturgeon Point in Lake Erie that weighed nine pounds, eight ounces to win the 21st Annual Niagara River Anglers Smallmouth Bass Classic last Saturday. He was using shiners to target bass on the drop off from 18 to 40 feet of water, marking spots as he caught fish. He was quick to point out that he couldn't have done it without his net master Alex, his 13 year old son, and his girlfriend Lynn Foremiak of Grand Island. Included in that two fish total was the big bass of the contest, a five pound four ounce lunker. 

      A total of 61 adults were registered for the event, as well as two kids. As a result, after the expenses were paid, Hastings won more than $650 for the day. 

      There was a tie for third place in the bass contest - Brendan Walsh of Niagara Falls, fishing with Mike McGrath of the Falls, brought in two fish tipping the scales at nine pounds, one ounce. Dave Muir of Sanborn, fishing with his wife Kathy, matched that same weight with two fish. 

      Second place? I [Hilts Jr.] was fishing with Frank Campbell in Lake Erie and Frank laid it on the line by offering up a bet on who could catch the biggest fish - lunch. Don't dangle a chicken wing in front of me like that. It works for skeet shooting; it works for other individual skills. For the second time in a row, I've beat Campbell for big fish on the boat and this time it turned out to be a five pounder. Coupled with a four pound two ounce fish caught earlier in the day, my total was nine pounds, two ounces. While it was nice placing second in the NRAA event, it was just as much satisfaction to out duel the local bass wizard. I know it will come back to haunt me, but it's worth it. 

     Incidentally, Walsh was the highest ranking local who was a co-angler in the recent Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament held in Buffalo a few weeks ago. My apologies for not doing a better job covering that event in this column, but the Masters Walleye Circuit was a priority because it was held in Niagara County and I assisted in its coordination. Sorry about that. Walsh finished tied for fifth with a total of 34 pounds, five ounces. Tim Braun of Buffalo finished in seventh with 34 pounds, two ounces. David Ottman of Oswego was second place with 37 pounds, three ounces. Leading co-angler was Robert Suhr of Roscommon, Michigan with 38 pounds three ounces. He earned $50,000 for his efforts. Dan Kaszubski of North Tonawanda was just outside the top ten in 11th place with 33 pounds, three ounces.

ADDED NOTE BY Mark D., ODN: The weigh stations were consolidated into one after it was discovered the two scales that were to be used were not compatible. The day before the contest, all participants were notified of the change by telephone of this and the scales were manned at the Niagara Active Hose Company where the awards and party was held. The Classic continued without a flaw. Because of a two fish limit per person rule, all fish entered were cleaned and eaten at the party. If you noticed, the first place fish came from Lake Ontario and the second place fish was from Lake Erie! Please enjoy our pictures!
Travis bass cooler 081107.jpg (36650 bytes)
Travis Coon getting used to 
handling a big fish.

Travis was being watched
 by his Grandfather.

John Hagerman 081107.jpg (23068 bytes)
John Hagerman 
2007 Bass Classic Chairman.
Hagerman was co-chaired with 
Larry Williams and Mike Jacobs.
Williams and Jacobs were key persons into the success of the 
2007 Classic
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Travis Coon 081107.jpg (47721 bytes)

Travis showing you how brave he is after repeated attempts to get him to hold a fish up for all to see.

 Photos by Mark Daul



ENTRY FEE: $20.00


Cash Bash is optional but you must be entered in the contest first. A lot of entrants enter this. It is an additional $5.00 PER ENTRANT and all prize money in the cash bash jackpot is awarded to the fisherman catching the LARGEST bass. NOT total weight, the largest fish! All entrants in the same boat must be registered for the cash bash.

ALL entries MUST be at weigh Station NO LATER than 2:00 PM

Weigh Stations at Niagara Falls City Docks-River Road, NF AND

A-1 Bait Store Ė Lewiston Landing, Lewiston NY

Scales will be manned starting at 11:30 AM - Ends 2:00 pm

 PRIZES: Determined by number of entrants, AFTER expenses.

Structure as follows: First prize 50% ~ Second Prize: 30% ~ Third Prize 20%

Contact: Chairman John Hagerman 284-0040

Co-Chair Contacts for Questions: Larry Williams 282-5754
or Michael Jacobs 283-1846


In the interest of conservation only
2 bass per person will be allowed for entries.
YOU must choose the 2 fish you want to enter.
 Bring ONLY 2 bass per person to weigh station.

Any other bass or fish will not be accepted for fish fry.

If you have other fish, take them home, we donít want them!


TWO Weigh-in Stations!

Fish Lakes Erie , Ontario or the Niagara River
 and all
their Tribs!


Target Fish: Smallmouth Bass Only

 TWO fish limit for TOTAL weight!


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