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Shot by a 15 year old kid with a muzzleloader Monday September 29 and not recovered until the next day. DNR WERE involved. They were informed of the deer's existence and the harvesting of it. They were taken to the harvest site. All appears to be kosher. Filming of the shot did not happen due to forgetting to load tape into the camera. There are numerous trail cam pics this year and last I am told. Randy Mcpherren and Dale Ream did the green score at 322 4/8. It would seem that the buck was only 3 1/2 years old when the first pics were taken and the Lindberg sheds were found. The deer was harvested right in the area he had always been. The "Grandfathers" farm just outside town. He may have only grown one antler last year. I have held a shed antler found right there that seems to be from him. This deer will be the highest scoring hunter taken deer yet known. AWSOME and great provenance. 

This deer was just taken by the boy on the right. The boy has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair, yet he managed to shoot the buck all by himself. This buck has one base coming out of the head that is 16 inches around. About 2 inches up it splits into 2 beams and the deer's C-1 measurements are just shy of 10. The deer carried the mass all the way to the end and had just over 68 inches of mass. I believe the brow tines on this buck are roughly 14 and 11 inches and there is a 12 inch forked point coming forward from between the brows. The sheds from this particular buck in a preserve from last year and when he shed he also shed the entire bone between both antlers as well. There is about a 1" piece of extra bone from his skull on the inside of both sheds, which explains this years unique rack."

Here is what we found on the  BOONE& CROCKETT website: "This is another big non-typical taken by a young hunter. We do not know any more about this buck at this time other than the description given about the Albia Buck does not match this buck." -  "The antlers have eight normal symmetrical tines and 30 abnormal tines pointing in different directions off the main beam." - "Both main beams on this buck are fused at the base for two inches and have a circumference of 16 inches."

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