Blue Pike Links              (Strizostedion vitreum subsp. glaucum)

blue pike
n. ~A freshwater food and game fish (Strizostedion vitreum subsp. glaucum) found in the Great Lakes. It is a variety of the walleye. Also called blue pikeperch, blue walleye. Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

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USFWS Statement: "On March 11, 1967, the blue pike was designated as Delisted Taxon, Evidently Extinct in the Entire Range. Within the area covered by this listing, this species is known to occur in: Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania; Believed to be extinct. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Great Lakes-Big Rivers Region (Region 3 ) is the lead region for this entity."



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"Dr. Carol Stepian of Case Western Reserve has confirmed that the fish from Jim Anthony's freezer is the offspring of a female blue pike and a male walleye. Unfortunately, this means that its DNA is not that of an authentic blue pike. She continues to analyze samples from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service but has not yet found an actual blue pike. She says, "I'm not saying there may not be blue pike somewhere. I just haven't seen them."

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From Bagheera: "The blue pike was an endemic fish of the Great Lakes region in the United States and Canada..."

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"NEWS FLASH: October 11 1999- The NFC has set up a $500 minimum reward for the first fishermen to provide a recently caught , live frozen Blue Pike or Hybrid. Take a picture of your suspect fish along with it's capture location and date and mail the picture to NFC Blue Pike Hunt at.................. "

AND MORE: "Still today, there remains conflicting stories about its demise. Fishermen report catching Blue Colored Pike in lakes in Canada and Minnesota. Rumors have for years abounded about the Blue Pike translocated by private individuals and government stocking programs outside their Great Lakes homes and still carrying on. Could it be true?"

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"That was the best eating fish in the lake. You couldn't beat it," said Scepura, who often went to Steel's Bar on State Street and paid 10 cents for a blue pike sandwich on Friday nights. "It was the most delicious fish there was."........Erie Times
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Brian Cassoll Hunt won the song competition for his "Blue Pike Blues" song. His was chosen from 20 submissions. Brian wins $500
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Blue Pike Fishing.
An article from Ontario Fisherman Magazine

" The blue pike is not to be confused with Lake Erie’s famous pickerel (walleye) bearing the same name and now believed to be extinct. This fish is a full-fledged member of the pike family (Esocidae). It feeds like a pike, fights like a pike and looks like a pike except for one striking difference – it has no body spotting, but exhibits beautiful iridescent blue-silver flanks. In many ....................."

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