Bob Confer Editorial 04/21/07



By Bob Confer


        Natural rights are the most basic of all rights and are a part of the human essence. They are different than those granted by man-made laws because they represent freedoms and privileges that are key to existence and are so much greater in scale than any right that Man might ever create. Natural rights are granted to us by the Creator or, as its name implies, Nature itself. They are the very foundation of the freedoms bestowed upon us by the founders of the United States of America, existing as the backbone of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

        Without a doubt the most important of all natural rights is the right protect oneself. One can see this primal importance perfectly represented in the animal kingdom which is, theoretically, humanity in its rawest form. It is a kingdom in which each and every creature has a right to live its life and maintain its health. With that right comes a responsibility to maintain the creature’s well-being as well as that of others. Every creature, man or beast, exists in a continuous struggle to live from one moment to the next. It is, as Darwin put it, survival of the fittest.

         This right to self (and group) protection basically allows all other rights to occur by maintaining the health or life force of the being and allowing it to further pursue what glorious wonders life may bring. As natural as this right is, our founding fathers brilliantly saw fit to acknowledge its existence, perfectly codifying it in the second amendment, which grants to us the right to keep and bear arms. It was their belief at the time, and one thankfully maintained to this day by Constitutionalists, that the inability to access arms could one day lead to a loss of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They were prophetic to say the least, for over the years the ways of misguided government and a softened populace have infringed on this God-given right.

         The denial of the Natural Law of protection through gun ownership is an on-going source of controversial debate in the United States. It has come to the fore yet again, this time in volume because of the recent massacre at Virginia Tech. Those against the second amendment and the reason behind it are rallying against gun ownership, stating that had guns not been available Cho Seung-Hui would never have gone on his killing spree.

        Their argument is fraught with weakness. It is emotional not logical in content, and is cast with blinders on. They fail to see that the intrusiveness of today’s gun laws prevent the victims of violence from adequately preparing to protect themselves from the deviants of society. The innocent and the law-abiding are left ill-prepared due to fear of legal retribution that comes with taking the due diligence to conceal a weapon on their person. Because of this damning mindset, gun laws empower the rapists, the murderers, and the thieves of our world. Those depraved souls are breaking laws and acting without morals to begin with, so the act of carrying a gun that is illegal or otherwise is not of their concern. Their very fiber is so unlike those who do follow written and natural laws.

       To put this VT situation into a context highlighting natural rights, we need to break this down to the animal kingdom mentality yet again. The Seung-Huis of the world are vicious predators, the wolves of humanity, hungry for blood and equipped with claws and teeth (tools of death). The victims are comparable to deer. They are the prey of these wolves…an easy kill lacking the tools for defense. Had any one of the students or professors been allowed to pursue their right to protection and carry a weapon, the deer would have been at par with the wolf, able to defend not only itself but all of the other victims as well.

         But, alas, they weren’t given the chance.

         Advantage, predator.

        What happened at Virginia Tech was a tragedy, a dramatic example of is what is allowed to occur day in, day out across our country. Innocents - whose ranks on a daily basis far outnumber the victims at Virginia Tech - are robbed, raped, maimed, or killed by stronger or armed predators. Our government has assisted in making them the victims by denying them the right – or making it difficult to reclaim the right – of protection.

         This proves that any of Man’s laws that override natural laws are destined for disaster. The scheme of nature is such that we cannot change or inhibit the act of survival. If we do, only the fittest will survive…the fittest being those who are the most evil.



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