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Bullheads - Illustrations on Cleaning & Tips on Cooking

Spring Bullhead fishing in the Niagara area is a great fishing experience enjoyed by hundreds of fishermen & families. Cleaned and cooked up on a grille or done in the oven wrapped in tinfoil with a little butter, salt & pepper, is hard to beat compared to many fish. Tin foil wrap some cut up potatoes to go along side of this treat and watch everything go!

Jud and Jiggs caught the 28 Bullheads shown below on leeches in 12 Mile Creek, [West Branch] in Wilson N.Y. from about 11am to 2:30 pm one day this Spring. They kept these 28 out of many more they caught.

Most creeks in the WNY area will give up some great spring bullhead fishing. From Four Mile Creek to all across the Lake Ontario shoreline, wherever there is a creek or small tributary you will find an abundance. Lake Erie will do the same. On Grand Island Six Mile Creek is always a favorite.  [Great Northern fishing at the mouth]

Bullheads are easy to clean too, actually easier to clean than most other fish.
See Illustrations and How To Bellow this Picture

Bucket of spring time bullheads
Photo by Terry Swann - Wilson N.Y.

Illustrations courtesy of Fishing Michigan Upper Peninsula 

Using this method a person can clean a bullhead in less than a minute

Cleaning Catfish & Bullhead Illustration Step One

Cleaning Catfish & Bullhead Illustration Step Two

Cleaning Catfish & Bullhead Illustration Step Three

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Remember to avoid getting stuck the "barbs" on a bullhead or catfish [on each side]
The barbs can inject a sting much like a bee sting if you penetrate your skin.
The barbs are used as a defense against predators.

Brown Bullhead Identified

To read a great story about night fishing for Bullheads go here and read Dave Daul's "Fish Tails Inn"  Story about "The Great Getaway". It's about night fishing at Four Mile Creek
There are other short stories there you may enjoy reading too.