Burt Dam  

An Outdoors Niagara Exclusive!
Do you want salmon fishing? How about the spunky German brown trout?
It's all right here at Burt Dam!

Swann keeps Outdoors Niagara updated regularly when fishing is "on"
You can check his reports on the ODN Outdoors Forum

Swann is retired and former owner of Ed's Bait & Tackle on Lake Road, Wilson NY
and keeps in touch with the fishermen and is also instrumental in the spring stocking of
trout & salmon each year and working in unison with the Mike Wilkinson, NYSDEC, and the Wilson Town Board.
The Town Board has a neat group of Charter Captains and town fishermen led by Town Board member Brad Clark

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There is a picture like this below and if you click on it the photo will magnify greatly

This is the famous Burt Dam - 18 Mile Creek - Located in Burt N.Y.
You can get a map to Burt N.Y. / 18 mile Creek via the link below on this page

As you can see, fall fishing was hot 'n heavy - Beautiful weather
On this day Swann happened to be at the dam when Canadian TV personality Italio Labignan was filming for a show.
Labignan's show is on cable TV in canada but the show can be viewed by computer. There is a link to his website below.
Swann saw what was going on but didn't recognize Italio immediately but later onin the day Italio and his
crew happened into Ed's Restaurant/Bar on Lake Road in Wilson NY and a nice conversation was struck

Italio Labignan and
partner Roger Cannon
Praising Labignan's Brown Trout

Labignan thanking Cannon
for his netting skills

Film Crew at work

BIG Smile!

Fish On! Near the dam

ALWAYS bring a camera!


Here is a nice brown trout


Calling his stock broker?

This fish was lost-believe it or not

Holy-Moley! Got one on!

Damn, hooked a tree!

Good Spot

Good crowd

Fishing for everyone

Near the bridge

Railroad bridge
in the background

Catch & Release on camera!

Headed for the frying pan

If you can't carry 'em, drag 'em

Click on picture for a
nice enlargement of Burt Dam

Attention Anglers!
New Zealand mudsnails

You can go to Italio Labignan's Canadian Sportfishing website HERE - Lots of pictures & other information - Watch the show on your computer!

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An Outdoors Niagara Exclusive!

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