Can Braided Fishing Line Be Used on A Spinning Reel?

Fishing is considered one of the most relaxing activities and is great fun for the whole family.

For a great fishing experience, there are certain things you need to take into consideration.

Good quality rods and reels are essential, but possibly the most crucial consideration is the lines you use.

So, can a braided fishing line be used on a spinning reel? The short answer is yes, fishermen use braided fishing lines on spinning reels for added strength so their line doesn’t snap during rough conditions.

Let’s dive into the world of braided lines and we’ll show you what you need to know, especially how it pertains to spinning reels.

Fisherman spins a reel with a braided line


What is a Braided Fishing Line?

A braided fishing line is a fishing line made of synthetic materials that have been woven together, making the line solid and durable.

While it is thinner than the standard monofilament line, it is more dense, taut, and better suited to all types of fishing.

Braided fishing lines are more expensive than regular lines but are far more robust and durable, and ultimately last longer, with fewer line changes needed.

You can use braided fishing lines on a spinning reel for excellent performance.

Benefits of a Braided Fishing Line

Using a braided fishing line has many benefits. Let’s take a look at exactly why this type of line is so popular and the types of fishing applications it is used for:

  • Braided fishing lines are great for spots where snags are bound to occur, like deep water fishing or fishing in streams and lakes.
  • While there is a lack of stretch compared to other fishing lines, it allows you to feel the fish better than others.
  • A braided fishing line can improve your casting distance as it allows you to cast further and cuts through water beautifully. Casting distance is an integral part of landing a fish on your hook.
  • These lines tangle far less than any other line.
  • Besides slight discoloration, braided fishing lines fare better when exposed to the sun’s UV rays and will not tarnish or weaken. A faded braid is still a strong braid.
  • Braided fishing lines are available in various colors, with the most popular being low-vis green and neon yellow. The fish are less likely to spot this line in murky water.
Close shot of braided lines on a spinning reel

Disadvantages of Braided Fishing Lines

Even though there are many benefits to using braided lines, we need to highlight the disadvantages. While there aren’t many, it is good to weigh up the pros and cons of something before making your choice.

  • The lack of stretch makes it harder to fight against a stronger fish.
  • Even with regular fishing in calm waters, there is a much bigger chance of injuring a fish. Using braided lines can cause severe damage to bigger fish.
  • A braided fishing line is more expensive than its monofilament counterpart.
  • These lines are opaque, making it easier for fish to spot them.

Can Braided Fishing Line be used on a Spinning Reel?

Spinning reels are the most common reels used in regular fishing and deep water and ocean fishing.

A fishing reel is the part of the rod that holds the fishing line and can hold yards of braid or mono lines with ease.

They have a greater casting distance than other reels.

Anglers can use braided fishing lines on a spinning reel to add extra strength and durability to their reel when fishing in rough waters or even just regular fishing in a pond or lake.

When searching for the best fishing spots to use your braided lines, it is recommended that you venture out at the first light of day to hunt down the perfect spot.

A braided fishing line used in conjunction with a spinning reel lasts far longer than any other line, and even the top mono leader brand is no match for braided fishing lines.

Switch to braided fishing lines to enjoy a fishing experience.

Care Tips for Your Spinning Reel

Some anglers believe that one should never clean your rod and reel and that it might even be considered bad luck to do so. This is, however, just one of many common misconceptions that people have about caring for your rod and reel. Here are the best care tips to keep your spinning reel in excellent condition, allowing for many years of happy fishing.

Tip #1: Service your reel regularly. Take it apart, clean out any built-up grime, and add fresh reel oil to the hinges and mechanisms of your reel.

Tip #2: Check and test your lines regularly. Pay close attention to any spots that have faded and change the line if you notice any frays in your line.

Tip #3: Do not fill the entire spool when re-spooling your reel. A reel spool should never hold more than 90% of its line capacity. This can affect the casting performance of your reel.

Tip #4: Rinse your reel using clean water after every use. Hold the spinning reel upside down to ensure that no water goes into the reel itself.

Tip #5: Only use your reel once it has completely dried. You can use a soft cloth to dry the larger parts and air-dry the rest.

Tip #6: Lubricate all the moving parts on your reel after each clean. Do not use heavy oil or grease-based lubricants. You find a great-quality reel oil at your local fishing supply store or most hardware stores that stock fishing tackle and products.

Braided Fishing Line on Other Types of Fishing Reels

While we have focused specifically on a braided fishing line on a spinning reel, it is important to point out that braided lines can also be used on other fishing reels. They are:

  • Baitcast reels
  • Spincast reels

Both baitcast and spincast reels can most definitely be used with braided fishing lines.

Baitcast reels are for pro anglers and are better suited to deep water or ocean fishing, while spincast reels are basic and a great choice for beginners.

Spinning reels are the most popular type of reel for fishing and are known for their durability.

Choosing a reel is just as important as choosing the best fishing line you will be using. The following should be considered when choosing reels or lines:

  • Where you will be fishing
  • Your fishing skill level
  • The type of fish you are aiming to catch
  • Your budget

Choosing a reel for your fishing rod is an important decision.

Do your research to find out more about the reels available, as well as what they can be used for.

Read reviews from previous customers to see their experience with a particular reel.

Make sure to read both the positive and negative comments to get a better idea of what to expect from a reel.

Measure up the pros and cons of each, and make your decision based on which reel meets both your needs and your budget.


A spinning reel using a braided fishing line can make a significant difference in how you fish.

From casting performance to strength and durability, braided fishing lines have the upper hand in the types of lines available.

Choose your braided line carefully, avoiding cheap braids where possible.

Remember, quality does not come cheap. Follow our care tips above on how to get the best out of your reel.

Caring for your rod is just as important, and you can apply the same care tips to both the rod and reel. Happy fishing!