How to Catch Tilapia

Tilapia is a freshwater fish often found in shallow rivers, lakes, and waterways. You can sometimes find them in brackish ponds and swampy areas – the backflow of rivers and oxbow lakes, but for the most part you find them in rivers. Tilapia are also most vegetarian. They eat algae and vegetation but will happily … Read more

What Does Bluegill Taste Like?

A lot of anglers wonder why people fish bluegill when they are so small. One reason is that they taste good. Bluegill has a mild fish flavor without being overly so. Most people pan-fry bluegill and that makes them taste even better. Does Bluegill Taste Good? Absolutely, perhaps only second to Walleye. Bluegill has a … Read more

What Is Crappie Fizzing?

Fizzing crappie is correcting barotrauma by releasing air from the fish’s swim bladder. The process uses a hollow needle to puncture the swim bladder and allow trapped air to escape through the needle. When Should You Fizz a Crappie? You should fizz crappie anytime signs of barotrauma are present. Barotrauma is a condition that occurs … Read more

When Do Catfish Spawn?

Catfish around the United States typically spawn in late spring and early summer. As the water warms to around 75 degrees, species like channel catfish and flathead catfish get ready to reproduce. An astute angler can use this information to maximize their chances of fishing success. When it comes to catfish, understanding the spawn is … Read more

How Long Can a Catfish Live Out of Water?

Catfish are amazing creatures. They are a thrill for anglers, but they also survive in some of the oddest places for fish. Rice paddies, which flood with water, often have catfish in them. So, what happens when the water in those places dries up? Amazingly, catfish can breathe atmospheric air, and many people ask how … Read more

Where Do Catfish Hide in Ponds?

As catfish fishing becomes more popular, people ask questions, such as where catfish hide in ponds. The short answer is that catfish hide in the deepest part of ponds, though that is not always true. Keep reading as we explore the hiding spots of catfish in ponds, streams, and lakes. Where do catfish hide in … Read more

Do Catfish Eat Other Fish?

Catfish are opportunistic predator fish that feed on a wide variety of foods. If you are wondering, do catfish eat other fish? The answer is yes; they eat other fish. A good rule of thumb to consider what a catfish will eat is this: Catfish will eat whatever it can fit in its mouth.  In … Read more

Do Catfish Have Teeth?

Catfish fishing is an all-American pastime and one that is growing quickly. But, if you are new to catfish fishing, you may be wondering: Do Catfish Have Teeth? What Happens if You Get Bitten by a Catfish? Is Catfish Noodling Dangerous? Inside this blog, we cover those questions and many others. Along the way, we … Read more

When Do Catfish Start Biting

If you are new to fishing for Catfish, you may wonder when the best time of year is to fish them. In addition, many anglers wonder when do catfish start biting. The simple answer is that catfish bite all year long. So keep reading as we discuss how to fish for Catfish, what times of … Read more

How to Clean a Walleye in 10 Seconds

Walleye are one of the most targeted Fish in Northern waters. These are cool water fish and some of the best eating fish you can find. When you have a stringer of Walleye, you want to clean them quickly. Learn how to wash and clean Walleye in ten seconds flat. How do you Clean Walleye … Read more