What Is the Best Fishing Lure for Bass

Figuring out what bait to be used by bass anglers can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to this. In this article, we will give you all the right answers to this very important question the average angler asks. What experienced anglers are using to be successful in catching bass are bass … Read more

How to Fish Lipless Crankbaits for Bass

There are two basic ways to fish lipless Crankbaits when targeting bass. The first is the┬áHorizontal Jig and the second, the Faux Jig. Let me explain more in detail… The Horizontal Jig A jig is a mimic technique and when you fish lipless Crankbaits in a horizontal pattern you cast out the Crankbaits and then … Read more

What Pound Test Should I Use for Bass Fishing

The right equipment can make all the difference when angling for bass. When bass fishing, the best pound test to use is a 10-12 pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line. When fishing around cover or when your target is a bigger bass, switch it up to a 15-20 pound test line. You need a … Read more

What Do Bass Like to Eat? 7 Best Live Baits

Shads – while shads are technically a saltwater baitfish, the word is used so often to mean any fish that is not an adult and not a minnow. So, the general term, “shad” refers to fresh or saltwater fish that are small but not yet adult fish. Juvenile and adult bass eat shad including bluegill, … Read more

Jumping Bass Fish: Everything You Need to Know

Why Is Bass Jumping Out Of the Water? Bass jumps out of the water to feed on surface insects or insects that are flying near the surface of the water. There is a large group of aquatic insects – insects that live part of their lifecycle underwater. A very common and annoying insect that is … Read more

Black and Blue Jigs with A Black and Blue Trailer

Are They Better at Catching Bass? The black and blue jigs with a black and blue trailer seems to work well for many bass anglers, but not everyone loves them. In fact, there is a big debate over whether the black and blue jigs with the black and blue trailer are better. Those who do … Read more

What Is Fizzing a Bass?

Bass fishing is a growing sport and while catching fish is a blast, you sometimes fish in catch-and-release waters were returning fish back to the water means you return them back in good health. When fishing for bass in deep waters, you may experience fish that have barotrauma, which is a condition caused by bringing … Read more

What Weight Fly Rod for Bass

Fly rods are fishing rods explicitly designed for fly fishing. They look like other fishing rods but there are differences. These differences are why an ordinary fishing rod cannot be used for fly fishing. Fly rods are usually thin and lightweight compared to other fishing rods. They are matched to the line according to their … Read more

Jerkbait Setup for Bass

Jerkbaits are a very popular lure for fish, including smallmouth and largemouth bass. If you are new to fishing, you have probably heard the term Jerkbaits and wondered what they are. They are minnow-shaped plastic lures that have an ingenious design. When they are pulled through the water by your fishing line, Jerkbaits swim in … Read more

What is a Good Size Rod for Bass Fishing?

One of the most common mistakes that fishermen make is not spending enough time choosing the right rod. The size of a fishing rod affects the casting distance and the ability to cast a bait without spooking the bass away. With that in mind, we have prepared a thorough guide highlighting what to look for … Read more