What to Wear on A Fishing Boat

What to wear on a fishing boat is determined by safety, comfort, and of course, style. The biggest trick to dressing successfully for a fishing trip on a fishing boat is to account for the weather changes. That means dressing in layers. Doing so, allows you to shed or add clothing so that you are … Read more

What to Wear Fly Fishing for Woman

What women Anglers wear for fly-fishing is kind of standard to what their male counterparts wear – with a few exceptions such as different styles, cuts, and sizes. The following list allows you to find comfort while fishing and protection from the elements and wildlife. There is the attire for women including clothing lines that … Read more

Do I Need Waders for Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is one of the most exciting hobbies, but most entry-level waders find it overwhelming. You may have heard that waders make your fly fishing experience manageable, but wearing them could be an entirely different story. All the same, you can still try fly fishing with or without waders. So, read on to learn … Read more

What To Have in a Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing is a fun activity that many people enjoy taking part in. However, the experience can be less exciting if you do not carry the right stuff in your tackle box before you can head out to the water. This is why we want to give you all the tips that will help you know … Read more

What Color of Sunglasses Are Best for Fishing?

Not only do quality a pair of sunglasses keep you stylish while you’re fishing, but they can also make it easier to see what’s around you. The key is to use the right lens color for the type of fishing you’re doing. By matching your lenses to the light conditions, you can become a better … Read more