What Is Good Barometric Pressure for Ice Fishing

Does barometric pressure have an impact on ice fishing success? The short answer is yes taking barometric pressure is important in fishing success. Barometric pressure is divided into three categories: High – Starts at 30.50 and rises – Indicative of clear skies Medium – Ranges from 29.7 – 30.40 – Indicative of fair weather – … Read more

Ice Fishing Crappie at Night

How Do You Catch Crappie in Ice Fishing at Night? Ice fishing for crappie at night is fairly easy. Crappie is a night-feeding fish, and you will find the best times to fish them is at dusk and again at dawn. The technique to catch crappie at night is to jig for them using silver … Read more

Ice Fishing Walleye at Night

How Do You Catch Walleye in Ice Fishing at Night? Ice fishing for walleye at night is an excellent fishing adventure for two basic reasons. First, walleye see very well at night. The second is that the ice cap on the lake will act as a backlight, so most things in the water will become … Read more

A Guide to Ice Fishing Trout at Night

Do Trout Bite at Night in Ice Fishing? Generally, trout do not bite at night. However, sometimes you get lucky and catch a trout ice fishing at night. For the most part, trout are sight hunters. The best time to ice fish for trout is during the day. Unlike walleye, which have very good night … Read more

Can You Go Ice Fishing at Night?

So, can you go ice fishing at night? It is a common question for those of us who love to fish. The answer is that you can absolutely go ice fishing at night, and you can do so successfully. While many species of fish are active at night, you will have to target those species … Read more

Can You Fish in The Winter?

Can You Fish in The Winter? Yes, and some of the best fishing is during the winter months. Winter varies in harshness from one location to the next, and even in the most frigid of locations you can fish if you prepare properly, and you understand your fishing targets. A good example of extreme fishing … Read more

How Do You Jig for Walleye Ice Fishing?

The basic steps to jig for walleye in an ice fishing situation require a few things. You need a hole in the ice, an ice fishing rod, bait, lures, or both. Once the hole is drilled and the ice is safe, you drop your line down the hole and into the lake. Jigging is short, … Read more

What Action Rod for Ice Fishing Walleye?

Ice fishing is an angling sport that is gaining in popularity – enough so that the market is flooded with ice fishing rods and in every option combination you can imagine. If you are shopping for an ice fishing rod, then you are probably standing in the rod aisle wondering, “what action rod for ice … Read more

How to Choose an Ice Fishing Rod

If you know anything about ice fishing, you know that the most important thing to do is bring only the essentials. And, if you’re new to the hobby, you are probably unsure about what type of fishing and type of rod you should be using, especially if you don’t have anyone to help and guide … Read more