What Does Pound Test Mean for Fishing Line

When it comes to fishing line, Pound Test means – The amount of weight you can add to the line before it breaks. However, much goes into this definition than is implied. The angle of the fishing line in conjunction with the power of the rod in conjunction with the action of the rod all come … Read more

What Size Braided Line for Spinning Reel

What Size Braided Line Should I Use? The question may seem silly since fishing rods list the weight of the line they can handle. But, the braided line is new, and it is different from mono or fluorocarbon lines. That difference makes the question very valid. You can add a heavier-pound test braided line to … Read more

How to Release a Fish from a Hook

Whether you’re fishing for your personal haul or just catch-and-release fishing, anglers should understand that the conservation of fish is an important part of being a responsible fisherman. Releasing fish species that are endangered or not of legal size are small acts that can go a long way to preserve the longevity of fishing for … Read more

When to Use Fluorocarbon Line

A fishing line is crucial in any fishing expedition. It is a cord that is used and often made for the sole purpose of angling. Fishing lines come in various materials and typically look like a long, thin string. A line’s length, make-up, weight, and thickness are crucial characteristics. There are three major fishing line … Read more

What Fishing Line to Use for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a popular form of fishing and is enjoyed by anglers of all skill levels, but surf fishing does require slightly different gear, especially when fishing on the shoreline of the beach. From longer rods and thicker lines, choosing the right gear for the type of fishing you will be doing can really … Read more

What Is a Wacky Rig?

The wacky rig is is a fishing technique that aims to more accurately emulate the presentation of a live worm to entice fish, generally bass fish, to bite. While wacky worm fishing differs from some of the more common and traditional tackle rigs in some important ways, it stands out as one of the more … Read more

Why Does My Fishing Line Keep Coming Off the Reel

You should avoid a tangled fishing line or the line coming off the reel to enjoy your fishing trips the most. That is why you must learn how to avoid lines coming off your fishing reel. This is not just a beginner fishermen’s problem. It can happen to anyone. Even big-game fishermen experience this at … Read more

How to Tie an Egg Loop Fishing Knot

An egg loop knot is the go-to fishing knot for many anglers looking to use fish eggs and other soft options as bait. While most commonly used for salmon fishing, this is a versatile fishing knot and is often seen in steelhead fishing and for fishing herring and anchovies. The knot is fairly easy to … Read more

What Hook To Use For Wacky Rig

Most anglers out there know by this time that a wacky style rig is a great way to be sure to get that catch. What hook should you use for wacky rig fishing to ensure that your rig is perfect for luring the fish to your bait? We found that the best for a wacky … Read more

When to Use Braided Fishing Line

Braided line has become the go-to line for most types of fishing. It was designed for use when you fish in heavy cover because its added durability will stand up to small snags and bigger fish who are fighting from cover. Braided line has found its way into almost every type of fishing situation. It … Read more