Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Rod Review

Quantum Fishing is a reasonably well-known fishing rod and reel brand that’s been around for almost four decades but also got its start specializing in baitcasting products. Whether rod or reel, Quantum Fishing understands where the primary value of any of their products lies, focusing broadly on every segment. The Quantum Smoke S3 casting rod … Read more

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod Review

Daiwa is one of the more synonymous names in fishing with quality, though the company tends to favor top-tier reels over rods. That said, Daiwa still has an impressive resume with a focus on innovation and development– specifically with materials when it comes to their rods. On top of that, Daiwa also makes it a … Read more

Shimano Clarus Casting Rod Review

As traditionally a componentry manufacturer, the “Shimano” name brings a certain kind of expectation to virtually every product it graces. Specifically, you expect an, at least, decent base product with exceptional componentry and materials, merging into something that is ultimately greater than the sum of its parts. With the Shimano Clarus casting rod, it’s safe … Read more

Shimano Sellus Casting Rod Review

Shimano is known for being a high-end maker of quality fishing rods– whether casting or spinning, but things can get a bit dicier when you start looking at budget-friendly options. In order to achieve a good balance of build quality to price ratio, most budget-friendly rods need to make some hard choices. This is the … Read more

Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod Review

Fenwick is one of many brands under the Pure Fishing umbrella company that handles numerous fishing products of every type at every level. This is a benefit for Fenwick in some ways as it allows the company to take some risks it otherwise might not be able to afford without a bigger backing. On the … Read more

Duckett Green Ghost Casting Rod Review

Duckett is an interesting company in that a quick glance might give you the impression that it’s a fly-by-night company given that it was founded less than a decade ago. However, Duckett Fishing is the company started by world-renowned professional angler Boyd Duckett following his explosive appearance on the Major League Fishing tour. On top … Read more

St Croix Triumph Casting Rod Review

St Croix has been around for a while with a solid reputation to show for it, but it’s never really been able to separate itself from the pack. Often content to let other companies for the tip of the spear for research and development, St. Croix generally tends to follow technology, design, and style trends … Read more

Shimano Convergence Casting Rod Review

Shimano is a brand that covers a couple of different markets with extremely high-end componentry, so it makes some sense to apply this specialty to fishing rods that are basically a blank with various bits of componentry. Because of this approach, the Shimano Convergence “Musky” Casting Rod offers some excellent features. However, Shimano doesn’t aim … Read more

Fenwick HMX Casting Rod Review

Fenwick, one of many brands owned by the Pure Fishing conglomerate, may not have the lengthy pedigree of some of its competitors, but still has a fairly storied history. More than anything else, Fenwick tends to push the limits and expectations of their field in the realm of materials. However, the Fenwick HMX Casting Rod … Read more

How to Use Anti Reverse on Spinning Reel

If you have used spinning reels before, you will be familiar with the anti-reverse feature and what it’s for. But if you’re new to angling and aren’t quite sure what it is or how to make the best use of it, then you’ve found the right article. In this write-up, we’ll cover what anti-reverse is, … Read more