How to Rig a Surf Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is a tool used by anglers to catch fish. It is a long, thin stick used to manipulate a fishing line, and the fishing line always ends in a hook. A fishing rod is, in its most simple form, a stiff, straight stick with a line tied to one end. Modern rods, … Read more

What Fishing Line to Use for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a popular form of fishing and is enjoyed by anglers of all skill levels, but surf fishing does require slightly different gear, especially when fishing on the shoreline of the beach. From longer rods and thicker lines, choosing the right gear for the type of fishing you will be doing can really … Read more

What Is a Wacky Rig?

The wacky rig is is a fishing technique that aims to more accurately emulate the presentation of a live worm to entice fish, generally bass fish, to bite. While wacky worm fishing differs from some of the more common and traditional tackle rigs in some important ways, it stands out as one of the more … Read more

What Is the Best Bait for Walleye?

Whether you are an experienced walleye angler or new to this type of angling, everybody likes a good tip or two. That is why we always look for ways to increase the fun and experience by finding the best walleye lure. In this article, you will find a list of the best bait for walleye … Read more

Why Does My Fishing Line Keep Coming Off the Reel

You should avoid a tangled fishing line or the line coming off the reel to enjoy your fishing trips the most. That is why you must learn how to avoid lines coming off your fishing reel. This is not just a beginner fishermen’s problem. It can happen to anyone. Even big-game fishermen experience this at … Read more

Can You Fish with Bread?

Can you catch fish with bread? Absolutely you can. In fact, we anglers refer to them as bread balls. Not only will we teach you how to fish with bread balls, but we’ll also show you another method called dough balls. In addition, we’ll provide more information that you think you might find helpful in … Read more

How to Fish Lipless Crankbaits for Bass

There are two basic ways to fish lipless Crankbaits when targeting bass. The first is the┬áHorizontal Jig and the second, the Faux Jig. Let me explain more in detail… The Horizontal Jig A jig is a mimic technique and when you fish lipless Crankbaits in a horizontal pattern you cast out the Crankbaits and then … Read more

What to Wear on A Fishing Boat

What to wear on a fishing boat is determined by safety, comfort, and of course, style. The biggest trick to dressing successfully for a fishing trip on a fishing boat is to account for the weather changes. That means dressing in layers. Doing so, allows you to shed or add clothing so that you are … Read more

How to Tie an Egg Loop Fishing Knot

An egg loop knot is the go-to fishing knot for many anglers looking to use fish eggs and other soft options as bait. While most commonly used for salmon fishing, this is a versatile fishing knot and is often seen in steelhead fishing and for fishing herring and anchovies. The knot is fairly easy to … Read more

What Hook To Use For Wacky Rig

Most anglers out there know by this time that a wacky style rig is a great way to be sure to get that catch. What hook should you use for wacky rig fishing to ensure that your rig is perfect for luring the fish to your bait? We found that the best for a wacky … Read more