Fenwick HMX Casting Rod Review

Fenwick, one of many brands owned by the Pure Fishing conglomerate, may not have the lengthy pedigree of some of its competitors, but still has a fairly storied history. More than anything else, Fenwick tends to push the limits and expectations of their field in the realm of materials. However, the Fenwick HMX Casting Rod … Read more

How to Set up a Fishing Rod

Catching a fish fills you with a thrill that is second to none. That is why fishing remains a favorite outdoor activity for many people. There are fascinating rods available, and if you are new to fishing, you will be amazed by the comfort that a modern fishing rod can offer. Knowing how to set … Read more

How to Choose an Ice Fishing Rod

If you know anything about ice fishing, you know that the most important thing to do is bring only the essentials. And, if you’re new to the hobby, you are probably unsure about what type of fishing and type of rod you should be using, especially if you don’t have anyone to help and guide … Read more

Daiwa Laguna Casting Rod Review

Casting rods come in all sizes, powers, and actions, but the most important quality about any baitcasting rod is its overall value. There are a couple of different ways a company can go about achieving value, and the Daiwa Laguna casting fishing rod gives a solid college-try at hitting all of them. Daiwa is actually … Read more

How to String a Fishing Rod

Fishing is a popular hobby that people still enjoy today. There are several kinds of fishing rods available and there’s bound to be one that is perfect for every fisherman. Once you have your fishing rod, you are nearly ready to begin your fishing adventure. The next step is to learn how to string your … Read more

Shimano Sojourn Casting Rod Review

Shimano is far more well-known for its cycling componentry than its fishing gear, especially its shifters and derailleurs. That said, Shimano is known, above all else, for high-end quality and premier products used by professionals within the field, and the company meets this lofty standard in the fishing market as well. However, that’s not to … Read more

St Croix Premier Casting Rod Review

St Croix is an interesting fishing company in that it understands its place in the market and stays in its lane to great effect. That said, the St. Croix is definitely more of a generalist brand that doesn’t provide the absolute best performance or the greatest value but offers a good mix of the two. … Read more

How to Practice Casting A Fly Rod

One of the essential parts of fly fishing is learning how to cast. The process is a little technical, and the key to becoming proficient at casting with a fly rod is to practice. Inside this blog, we will go over how you practice a fly rod for casting and include information for different environments. … Read more

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How To Make A Paracord Fishing Rod Grip

Paracord is very popular and has many uses. So it is not surprising that people want to use paracord to make a grip for their fishing rods. Inside this post, we go over how to do just that, and we give you a little more information that we think might be essential. Before we get … Read more

Fenwick HMG Casting Rod Review

Fenwick is no new entry into the field, and anyone with even an enthusiast’s level of familiarity has probably heard of the brand. Regularly at the cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of rod blank materials, Fenwick is probably responsible for evolving the sport of fishing more than any other brand in terms of techniques … Read more