What Is a Long Cast?

What Is Considered a Long Cast? A long cast occurs when your rigging overshoots the place where you want it to land. Long cast and short cast are questions of accuracy when casting. In many fishing situations, you want to place your fly, lure, or bait in a very specific area of the water. Being … Read more

Who Uses A Trigger on A Casting Rod?

A Trigger reel is a unique fishing reel that has been around for decades if not the past century. They are easy to use and have many advantages for angling. They are popular across many types of fishing and fishing environments. Who uses trigger on casting rod? A lot of people think of trigger rods … Read more

Casting vs. Trolling Rod: What Is the Difference?

Different fishing environments require that anglers use different types of fishing rods. An example is a fly-fishing rod, which is used specifically with casting flies. Read more: How to Practice Casting A Fly Rod While you could fish another type of rod in the same fishing environment, you would not be very successful if you used … Read more

Spinning vs Casting Rod

Similar to golf equipment, your fishing tools should be versatile. With that in mind, we always recommend that people invest in both a spinning and a casting rod if they want to get the best results and the most amount of fish trophies. If you are just getting started, understanding the difference in the size … Read more

Can You Use a Spinning Reel on a Baitcaster Rod

Whether you are just starting or are already an experienced fisherman, you probably know that casting rods differ from spinning rods. With that in mind, the obvious answer would be that you shouldn’t mix the two setups. But what if you’ve forgotten your casting reel and don’t have any spinning rods on you, but the … Read more

St Croix Avid Casting Rod Review

St. Croix is an ambitious brand that seems to compete primarily by providing novel solutions to perpetual problems in fishing, focusing on innovation to lead the way. However, these days, there are shrinkingly few major issues that fishing manufacturers need to address with the only real drive of the industry to improve. St Croix has … Read more

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod Review

Abu Garcia resonates in the fishing market as a name of quality, but the company tends to get more notice for its reels than anything else. However, the Abu Garcia V-Series, which includes both the Vendetta and Vengeance lines, launched about a decade ago and continues to be the company’s entry point for their rods. … Read more

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod Review

Ugly Stik is one of the more consistently high-rated brands that also comes from the Pure Fishing family line of products with a particular focus. Harkening back to when Ugly Stik was owned by Shakespeare Fishing, this rod, and the brand more broadly aim at providing exceptionally durable products. With the Ugly Stik GX2 casting … Read more

13 Fishing Omen Green Casting Rod Review

13 Fishing might’ve started as a specialized ice fishing brand, but their expansion into salt and freshwater yields excellent results. The 13 Fishing Omen green casting rod is more of a mid-tier product that skirts a lot of lines without really landing in one place, but that turns out to be an advantage. By making … Read more

Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Rod Review

Quantum Fishing is a reasonably well-known fishing rod and reel brand that’s been around for almost four decades but also got its start specializing in baitcasting products. Whether rod or reel, Quantum Fishing understands where the primary value of any of their products lies, focusing broadly on every segment. The Quantum Smoke S3 casting rod … Read more