What Is the Best Time to Go Saltwater Fly Fishing

The best times to go saltwater fly-fishing varies based on many factors. Those include: Seasonal Changes – This will vary depending on the species of fish. Some fish migrate and may not be present when you target them. It is important to do a little research on the types of fish that you want to … Read more

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How to Roll Cast a Fly Rod

Because the roll cast does not involve false casting, the process of roll casting is easy. Move the rod as though you are back casting then snap the rod tip forward to the 2 PM mark. The action and power of the rod will create movement in the line which will cast the line forward. … Read more

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How to Cast a Fly Rod Far

Longer casts require more powerful strokes of forward and backward motions and that the rod be held in the same linear line. There shouldn’t be a deviation from the straight line forward or backward. When you master these two components of fly casting, you can not only improve the accuracy of your cast but also … Read more

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How Long Should a Tippet Be on a Fly Rod

Fly fishing is an angling method that uses an artificial fly cast with a fly rod and a fly line to catch fish. The flies may resemble baitfish, invertebrates, or other organisms. A fly fishing gear setup has a fly rod, reel, line, and flies. Connecting the flies to your line requires a tippet and … Read more

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What Weight Fly Rod Should I Use for Trout

For most trout fishing, you would want a fly rod that is a 4 weight, 5 weight, or 6 weight. The weight of the rod basically means the pound test weight of the line that you use. You want a six-weight rod for bigger trout, like fat Brown Trout or Rainbows. A four-weight or five-weight … Read more

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How to Practice Casting A Fly Rod

One of the essential parts of fly fishing is learning how to cast. The process is a little technical, and the key to becoming proficient at casting with a fly rod is to practice. Inside this blog, we will go over how you practice a fly rod for casting and include information for different environments. … Read more

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What Is a Fluted Bamboo Fly Rod?

Fluted Bamboo fly rods are excellent, and they have been around since 1933. Their introduction to the flyfishing world broke casting records and improved the love of flyfishing for generations. Fly-fishing is exhilarating, and with a hollow-fluted fly rod, you experience so much more of that thrill. What these unique and often handcrafted fly rods … Read more