Shimano Sojourn Casting Rod Review

Shimano is far more well-known for its cycling componentry than its fishing gear, especially its shifters and derailleurs. That said, Shimano is known, above all else, for high-end quality and premier products used by professionals within the field, and the company meets this lofty standard in the fishing market as well. However, that’s not to … Read more

St Croix Premier Casting Rod Review

St Croix is an interesting fishing company in that it understands its place in the market and stays in its lane to great effect. That said, the St. Croix is definitely more of a generalist brand that doesn’t provide the absolute best performance or the greatest value but offers a good mix of the two. … Read more

How to Practice Casting A Fly Rod

One of the essential parts of fly fishing is learning how to cast. The process is a little technical, and the key to becoming proficient at casting with a fly rod is to practice. Inside this blog, we will go over how you practice a fly rod for casting and include information for different environments. … Read more

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How To Make A Paracord Fishing Rod Grip

Paracord is very popular and has many uses. So it is not surprising that people want to use paracord to make a grip for their fishing rods. Inside this post, we go over how to do just that, and we give you a little more information that we think might be essential. Before we get … Read more

Fenwick HMG Casting Rod Review

Fenwick is no new entry into the field, and anyone with even an enthusiast’s level of familiarity has probably heard of the brand. Regularly at the cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of rod blank materials, Fenwick is probably responsible for evolving the sport of fishing more than any other brand in terms of techniques … Read more

How to Hold a Fishing Rod

Fishing is an age-old activity that provides both an excellent source of good food and fun recreational time at once. There’s quite a bit of nuance to becoming a good fisherperson, and there are some noticeable differences between an experienced veteran and the new kid on the block. One of the primary reasons people lose … Read more

Fishing Rod Handle (Grip) Guide

The handle area of a fishing rod is one of the most customized areas on the pole. It sits just beneath the reel and just slightly above the reel. It is where you grip the pole, and anglers use various materials to “improve” the grip. In this blog, we go over pole grips, materials, and … Read more

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod Review

Abu Garcia is an extremely well-established brand in the fishing market with some of the best reels that you can find, but they also make plenty of high-quality rods. However, a company as large and prestigious as Abu Garcia doesn’t just cater to the pros, many of which Abu Garcia sponsors. That said, what happens … Read more

What Is a Fluted Bamboo Fly Rod?

Fluted Bamboo fly rods are excellent, and they have been around since 1933. Their introduction to the flyfishing world broke casting records and improved the love of flyfishing for generations. Fly-fishing is exhilarating, and with a hollow-fluted fly rod, you experience so much more of that thrill. What these unique and often handcrafted fly rods … Read more

Ultralight Rods vs. Light — Which is Better?

It gets confusing sometimes when you shop for fishing rods. In this blog we focus on ultralight rods vs. light fishing rods and give you the verdict. First things first! The word “weight” in this blog means the amount of pressure needed to bend the rod. Stiffer rods have heavier weights. So an ultralight rod … Read more