Daiwa Tatula Spinning Rod Review

The Daiwa Tatula Spinning Rod is a high-performance rod that quickly garnered the attention of experienced bass anglers– even if it’s not quite a professional-grade bass rod. That said, this versatile spinning rod provides more than a refined technique in bass angling with a spinning set-up capable of employing more than one lure action effectively. … Read more

Shimano Crucial Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano Crucial series of rods come with a wide variety of high-end features but are generally made for specialized fishing styles to employ a broad spectrum of techniques. This compact series sees a handful of technique-focused poles target different styles of fishing with a lightweight blank for high-end performance found in rods for tournament … Read more

Favorite White Bird Spinning Rod Review

Favorite products are also known as fairly innovative products with the White Bird Fishing Rod no stranger to this philosophy, sporting an advanced design that goes well beyond its eye-catching, white profile. With an impressive Multi Layer Structure slim light-weight design and high-quality lightweight components, this is an especially sleek spinning rod. It also certainly … Read more

How to Roll Cast a Fly Rod

Because the roll cast does not involve false casting, the process of roll casting is easy. Move the rod as though you are back casting then snap the rod tip forward to the 2 PM mark. The action and power of the rod will create movement in the line which will cast the line forward. … Read more

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How to Cast a Fly Rod Far

Longer casts require more powerful strokes of forward and backward motions and that the rod be held in the same linear line. There shouldn’t be a deviation from the straight line forward or backward. When you master these two components of fly casting, you can not only improve the accuracy of your cast but also … Read more

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How to Put Tackle on a Fishing Rod

If you’re just starting out fishing, you might think you need to focus on all the different fishing techniques. But maybe one of the scariest prospects is the actual setup that comes with the fishing pole. This is the first thing you have to do, and there are several steps that need to be done … Read more

How to String a Roller Guide Fishing Rod

Fishing is an interesting and inexpensive hobby enjoyed by people worldwide. Once you have a good fishing rod, all you have to do is invest as much time in fishing as you can to hone your skills. One of the reasons fishing is enjoyed by many people is because each fishing trip you make is … Read more

What Size Rod For Pier Fishing?

Fishing from a pier is quite an exciting way to catch fish and can be a rewarding way to feed yourself. But some experts out there believe you need to have just the right size of fishing rod to get the best results. Experts say that the best size fishing rod for pier fishing is … Read more

What Does Line Rating Mean on a Fishing Rod?

People new to fishing are usually confused by the different types of fishing rods available. Apart from the hassle of choosing from the different fishing rod types, you have to choose the proper fishing rod weight rating to suit your purpose. The fact that line rating isn’t perfect science is another cause for confusion. These … Read more

How to Mount Fishing Rod Holders?

Despite your best intentions, it isn’t always possible to have your hands on your fishing rod all the time while fishing. You have to do other things like baiting the hook, steering the boat, or even eating snacks. So, what if you leave your fishing rod unattended for a few minutes or loosen your grip … Read more