Deuces Bar on Royal Avenue 2008 Bass Contest ~ Outdoors Niagara Exclusive!

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2009 Contest info soon!
3320 Royal Avenue, 
[1/2 block from Hyde Park blvd.]
Niagara Falls N. Y.

First Year Bass Contest results Here

Alex Hastings 2008 winner.jpg (95611 bytes)
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Alex Hastings
Alex is a 14 year old fisher of bronzeback and he takes home the 
first year championship of the of Deuces Bar Early Season Bass Contest
held the second week after opening day of the 2008 Bass Season. 

Alex also won the Big Fish [Lunker] Award prize [4.89 pounds]

augi alex gordon.jpg (73301 bytes)
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Pictured here is [L to R] is
Joe Augustiniak, Alex Hastings & Second place winner Jim Gordon.
Unidentified object in the 
back with the can of "Blue"

We don't have a photo of third place finisher Marc Nowicki and if someone has one send it!

Hastings and most others in this contest were fishing the reefs in Lake Erie. For a first year bass contest by Deuces, it was very successful and plans are being made for next years contest.


Deuces sign.jpg (84166 bytes)
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Outside the front of Deuces Bar
on Royal Avenue. 
[Formerly Wee-Too]
Open 7 days

Deuces Bar 3320 Royal Ave, Niagara Falls First Bass Contest results that was held Saturday June 29 2008:

[Total Weight of 3 fish]

1st. place; 14 year old Alex Hastings,13.14 pounds. 
[Son of Charter Captain Andy Hastings]

2nd. place; Jim Gordon, 12.08 pounds

3rd. place; Marc Nowicki, 11.99 pounds

Lunker Division winner was Alex Hastings with a very nice 4.89 pound entry.

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