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Fish Odyssey 2010 Press Release  ~

Monkey Around with Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey Sept. 18-26, 2010

You'll go ape over the 2010 version of the Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey - especially if you're a kid. The 34th annual Fall Classic Derby - set for September 18-26 out of the counties of Erie, Niagara and Orleans - will be bringing back the honorary chairchimp, Charlie, to serve as a fun-filled challenger for every youth entered in the Junior Division. All kids 15 and under can register for the Junior Division for free, with six species categories for the kids that include salmon, bass, walleye, trout, carp and panfish.

This year’s event will also remember a special person who passed away back in 2005 – Capt. Steve White of Ransomville – making it another memorial event this year. Capt. Steve was a dedicated charter captain who was killed in an untimely fishing accident in the lower Niagara River.

In the Adult Division, its business as usual as far as the catching and categories are concerned. Adult categories are: salmon, smallmouth bass, walleye, brown/rainbow trout; carp; lake trout. And, during a time when everything else is going up money-wise, the derby registration will be staying the same in 2010.

A derby registration will be just $20 for the adult division. Every dollar brought in will be distributed right back out again as far as the prize structure is concerned. This year, the base prize structure will be $2,000 for the Grand Prize, $400 for first place, $200 for second place and $100 for third place in each category based on 300 registrations. The Grand Prize is not always for the largest fish overall, either. The first place winners are all placed into a hat on awards night, set to coincide with the NYPA Wildlife Festival in Lewiston September 26th.

The Wildlife Festival will attract in excess of 20,000 people to help celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day. It's also the perfect stage as a conclusion to the Fish Odyssey Fall Classic. This year's Wildlife Festival is slated for September 25-26 at the NYPA Visitors Center. The 2010 version of the derby will bring back Charlie the Chimp as the fisherchimp to beat, courtesy The Primate Sanctuary. Carmen Presti of Niagara Falls, an avid outdoorsman himself, was quick to assist in this event. Charlie's challenges to beat will be: salmon - 20 pounds; bass - four pounds; walleye - seven pounds; trout - 9 pounds; carp - 15 pounds; panfish - one pound. And if that’s not enough for the kids, every youngster registered for the derby will have a chance to fish with former Buffalo Sabre tough guy, Rob Ray. The drawing will take place at the Wildlife Festival. Register today!

For more information visit  or . If you've got a question, call (877) FALLS US and dial in extension 303. Registrations will be available after Labor Day from area tackle shops or register online at . Information can also be found at .

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