John Daly Bass Tournament Results    August 7th. 2004

            Compiled by Bill Hilts Jr.                                           Photos below by Mark Daul


       The Ninth Annual John B. Daly Memorial Bass Classic was held out of Fort Niagara State Park and everything worked as planned. Some 75 fishing enthusiasts were competing for trophies and prizes aboard 33 volunteer boats. And the main purpose of this fun-filled activity was to raise money for Niagara Hospice and the Niagara Falls Boys and Girls Club - two worthy organizations that were close to the late State Senator. 

       The weather was iffy, as it has been all summer long, as dark clouds drifted in. Would it rain or would it hold off? Anglers questioned their boat captains as to the effects of this summer's weather patterns and how it affected the bass fishing. Would the fishing be good? How much of an impact would the wind have? Would the fishermen get out on the lake or would everyone have to fish the river? And who would really catch the biggest bass for the day? It was only a matter of time before all those questions would be answered. 

       When the weigh in was finally held starting at noon, it was Rock Wagner fishing with Capt. Jim Gordon that won bragging rights with two smallmouth bass that weighed in at 6.79 pounds. They were fishing off Four Mile Creek in Lake Ontario. 

     Second place went to event chairwoman Connie Lozinsky and her son, Cody, while fishing with John Fugate, Jr. and Capt. Jeff Draper. Their best two fish totaled 6.47 pounds, catching most of their fish on the Johnson drift in the lower river. 

      Third place was Dominic Mallar, Herbert Darling and Chuck Welch while fishing with Capt. Frank Campbell. Mallar also earned big fish for the day honors, good for $570 in cash, but not without some friendly ribbing at the awards ceremony. Teammate Darling had just handed him his rod when the fish hit. Mallar immediately set the hook and fought the fish to the boat, a 3.83 pound bass. 

       First place in the youth division was Jacob Lusak of Niagara Falls with a nice 3.33 pound bass. 

      Second place was Kathryn Pluff with a 3.08 pound fish. 

       Alex Mieth placed third with a 2.75 pound bass. 

       In the Organized Labor category: Darling Construction set the pace, the team mentioned earlier that had fished with Capt. Campbell. The two-fish score was 6.24 pounds. Second place went to CATCO Construction with 4.42 pounds, the team of Gene Swanson and Bob Turrell. 

      A two fish total of 4.37 pounds was weighed in by the Painters Local led by Capt. Phil Rowan, John Adams, Nate Sieak and Jason Sieak. 

       The after party in the park was as good as ever with Mike George cooking up some of his famous fish, a crew from the 3-F Club cooking up burgers, sausage and hot dogs and Marc Daul (the kid) orchestrating everything behind the scenes. Daul, along with Lozinsky, Ed Lozaw and Fred Vanoni did the lion's share of the work. It started with a special award to Vince Corriere, honoring him for his years of service as a volunteer. In fact, from here on out, this award will be given out annually with this special event for a "Volunteer of the Year" type of thing - the Vince Corriere Distinguished Service Award. Of course, Niagara Hospice and the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club volunteers and workers were out in force to help out. Hats off to all the volunteer boat captains (both professional and very good amateurs) and everyone else who pulled together to make this happen for a good cause. To quote George Peppard of the old "A-Team" television show, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Look for bigger and better things for the 10th Annual event next summer!!

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NOTE: The Vince Corriere Distinguished Service Award will be awarded each year to a person or persons that have taken an active role in developing this Memorial Bass Classic and it's continuation. 

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Top 2 rows of photos were taken at the volunteer and participants picnic held August 5th. 
at the 3F Club
MVC-012S.JPG (42899 bytes)
Alice & Pat 
Niagara Hospice Workers/Volunteers
MVC-014S.JPG (39323 bytes)
Katherine Lucas Krispo
Niagara Hospice Volunteer, "wishin' she was a fishin'
MVC-005S.JPG (39846 bytes)
Someone has to cook!
Volunteer Gerri Daul
MVC-009S.JPG (38930 bytes)
Ted Shipston [l.] and John Long [r.] planning fishing tactics.
wpe2C.jpg (38049 bytes)
[l to r.]
Joe Beningo, Ed Daul making plans
MVC-015S.JPG (39648 bytes)
Guess who is eating again!!
[Hilts Jr.]
MVC-017S.JPG (41481 bytes)
CATCO'S Ed Lozaw lookin' at the food
Thanks! Ed.
wpe30.jpg (35010 bytes)
[L to R] Fred Vanoini, Mike George, Frank Campbell
wpe21.jpg (37898 bytes)
Volunteer Gerry Condren: 3F Club Groundskeeper, bean maker among other things. All Volunteer!

MVC-017S.JPG (42395 bytes)
Vince Corriere and 
his wife, Marylin

6:15 AM 
Start getting ready
Fort Niagara Ramps

Tough Weather!
Rough Seas!
7:00 AM

wpe7.jpg (40072 bytes)
Party Tent is busy!
Lots of food &

wpeB.jpg (23108 bytes)
Captain Larry Balch
with Kevin Luzak& son Jacob

[l to r] 
Alex Meith 3rd. Place
Event coordinator, Marc Daul
wpeE.jpg (36049 bytes)
[l to r]
Kathrine Pluff 2nd.Place 
 Cairperson Connie Lozinsky

[l to r] 
Jacob Luzak 1st.Place
 Chairperson Connie Lozinsky
two winners.JPG (39930 bytes)
[l to r]
Gene Swanson & Bob Turrell
1st Place [Organized Labor Div.]

Dominic Mallar, Herbert Darling and Chuck Welch. Capt. Frank Campbell in back

Kody, Connie Lozinsky, John Fugate, Jr. and Capt. Jeff Draper
Second Place

Captain Jim Gordon and Rock Wagner. First Place winner!
hilts 500.00 winner.JPG (42599 bytes)
Bill Hilts Jr. on left
Dominic Millare, Jackpot Winner on right. [3.83 bass]

Marc Daul Greeting Senator George Maiziarz
maziars microphone.JPG (42649 bytes)
Senator Maziarz had something to say.

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