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Read derby recap here 
Also a picture of Grand Prize winner and his fish!

Pictures & Stories!

m_george.jpg (28378 bytes)
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Mike George is the official weigh master at the LOC Derby weigh-in station in Youngstown. The weigh in station is located at the new Petroy Marina right next to the revamped Youngstown Village launch ramp and park. 

petroy marine dock.jpg (48682 bytes)
Petroy Marine has been the perfect host for this weigh station and we hope to come back next year. 
Managed by Bill Colesano

 don ruffell sun 040408.jpg (46758 bytes)
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Pictured here is Don Ruffell 
from Webster NY.
Ruffell was fishing with his boys and he was the "Dock Man"  As they approached the dock it was Don's job to catch it. When he did, the dock moved, or was it the boat? Anyway, he found out when you miss, you are taking a dunking. 41 degree water is no fun and Don hung around the Marina while his clothes were dried at the nearby Laundromat. 
We all appreciated Don's sense of humor and his visit while his clothes were drying. 
See you next year Don!

joe bingingham.jpg (36694 bytes)
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This is Joe from Bimington NY
In between bad weather fronts Joe and his buddies decided to take up perch fishing from the landing dock, scooped up some minnows and was rewarded with a nice catch of these guys!

Joe and his gang are yearly 
entrants in the LOC Derbies.

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tony kosis left catchr bob mueller r King.jpg (55901 bytes)

Tony Kosis [L] with his 17# 14 oz King.
Bob Mueller [R] was his support and witness

joe lagreca fish  l joe cali witn r.jpg (53923 bytes)

Joe LaGreca [L] from Lockport NY with a respectable 16.3 pound Lake Trout. Joe Cali from Lockport was his fishin' buddy& witness. [R]

lester zimmerman l capt larry williams r.jpg (58271 bytes)

Here is a 21.1 pound King entered by Lester Zimmerman from Thompson PA. On his right is Captain Larry Williams of "Team Sparks" Charters from Fair Haven NY. Scott Wagner from Oak Ridge NJ was the witness

don  lafferty 17 14 laker n east pa jim laf witnes.jpg (58563 bytes)

Don Lafferty from Northeast PA with his entry, a 17# 14 oz Lake Trout

rich barber l mike pat barber r.jpg (62682 bytes)

Weigh in of  Pat Barber's 13.5 pound Lake Trout. Brother Rich barber far left and Youngstown weigh master Mike George paper punching the fish.
[see below]

    no name.jpg (47308 bytes)

Nice King! and apologies to this fisherman for not getting his name, but a great salmon entry for sure.


HERE'S THE COMPLETE STORY!  LOC Leaderboard here: www.loc.org 

Niagara Outdoors for Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shreve Wins LOC Derby in Spectacular Fashion with 28+ Pound Salmon

By Bill Hilts, Jr.

Todd Shreve [L] of Dover, Pennsylvania, a construction estimator by trade, won the 12th Annual Spring Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Trout and Salmon Derby in spectacular fashion by reeling in a 28 pound, 11 ounce king salmon on the final day of the contest to earn a check for $12,500 and the Grand Prize trophy. He was fishing out of Point Breeze in Orleans County with his fishing partners Mike Geiger of Wellsboro, PA and Steve Gerloff of Douglassville, PA. The derby was held May 2-11.After spending some time fishing in took his 22 foot Wellcraft (aptly named “This Is It” after his wife told him it was his final boat purchase) to a favorite spot off Johnson Creek west of Point Breeze. Terry Williams, owner of North of the Ridge Campground in Orleans County, was credited with the “secret” location.

        When they reached the honey hole, they placed a black and purple Pro King spoon 35 feet down over 160 feet of water. At 6:30 a.m. they experienced a hard hit off the downrigger and they immediately knew it was a good fish. They pulled in all the other rods and slowed things down. The fish put up a valiant fight as it pulled the lure to the bottom four times with Shreve battling the fish all the way. A half-hour later, he had his derby winning fish. They were at the Point Breeze weigh station, Narby’s Superette and Tackle, when the scales opened at 9 a.m. and proprietor Sharon Narburgh was wide eyed when she shouted out an enthusiastic “wow.” This was a huge spring king, big enough to make the board in last fall’s LOC competition.  

         “It is our honor and privilege to fish a world class fishery like Lake Ontario,” said Geiger at the awards ceremony at Abe’s Waterfront in Sodus Point, Wayne County. “It truly is a great place to fish.” 

       Shreve had no plans for the prize money other than they were going to be splitting it up among the team. 

        While Shreve and his fish partners were celebrating, there was another celebration of sorts going on in Youngstown, Niagara County. Brian Brehm of Erie, Colorado had been fishing his first LOC Derby on the Niagara Bar with derby veterans David Levan of North Collins and 78 year old Jerry Levan of Cheektowaga when a big fish hit the Forrest Gump Fishlander magnum spoon behind a dipsy diver at 5 a.m. They had been targeting lake trout, but they recognized that this was a big fish. Just how big wouldn’t be revealed until they arrived at Petroy Marina in Youngstown, an official weigh station for the derby. A half hour fight on the water saw a massive lake trout hit the net – the BIG net. The scale read 26 pound, 12 ounces – big enough to take over the lead. Little did they know that Shreve was weighing in his huge king, so their celebration was short lived. First place was worth $1,000. Still, the lake trout was an impressive catch … as was the king. 

        The prior Grand Prize leader had been Duane Knapp of Addison with a 26 pound, three ounce fish he boated out of Olcott, Niagara County. He had been fishing with Paul Pasko of Troy, PA and Del Knapp of Gillett, PA when the weather got rough on the lake. Right next to them in the Town of Newfane Marina was Capt. Chris LoPresti and his father, Mike in their 10 Meter Trojan named “Maverick.” They agreed to give it a go aboard LoPresti’s boat and began trolling northwest of the harbor off the Red Barn. 

       The first place salmon hit a Northern King 28 Frog spoon 200 feet back on a dipsy diver set at No. 2. They, too, earned $1,000. The first place brown trout was quite a story, too. Robert Briggs of Belle Mead, NJ was fishing with his friend, Len Garriques of Belvidere, NJ while trolling out of Sandy Pond, Oswego County aboard Len’s 24-foot Grady White named “Heartbeat.” On Tuesday, they snagged a lure off the bottom that they would later find out was a Renosky firetiger stickbait. They put it down in the water and immediately caught an 8-1/2 pound brown trout. The next day, fishing the same area, they put the newly-acquired bait into 11 feet of water. At 9:30 a.m., they boated a 13 pound, eight ounce fish – a brown that would hold on to be a $1,000 winner. 

       The first place steelhead was another winning fish that almost wasn’t. Larry Daggett of Guilford, Maine was fishing with Allen Cole, Jr. of Brewer, ME and Capt. Frank Peckham of Hampden, ME. Trolling out of Point Breeze aboard Peckham’s 22-foot Starcraft Islander named “Ahab,” they were working 120 feet of water with a dipsy diver on Tuesday morning when a fish hit their Northern King blue dolphin spoon 125 feet back on a No. 2 setting. They figured it was a king salmon that weighed between 16 and 17 pounds, not big enough to make the board. When they showed up at the fish cleaning station, someone there told them that it was a nice steelhead, so they took it down to Captain’s Cove to check it out. The fish weighed in at 16 pounds, nine ounces – 10 hours after they caught it. Yes, it was a steelhead! This was Daggett’s first time fishing the LOC Derby, but it wasn’t the first time for his fishing partners. Daggett is $1,000 richer and he’ll be back. 

       Not too many youth weighed in fish this year. Bobby Lorentz of Rochester did manage to place 20th in the Lake Trout Division with a 15 pound, four ounce fish he caught while fishing off Wilson. The Summer LOC Derby kicks off on May 23rd and runs through July 20th. The Fall LOC Derby is set for August 15th through Sept. 1st. For more information on the LOC derbies or to see the full leaderboard for the May 2-11 Spring event, log on to www.loc.org 

Derby Notes: Of the top 21 salmon caught in the derby, 18 of the winning catches came from off Niagara County waters. All top 20 lake trout came from Niagara County ports, as well. Four of the top nine steelhead came from Niagara, as well.


  don supon perch2.jpg (42053 bytes)

Don Supon having some luck with perch fishing the dock near Youngstown's new Petrob Marina during breaks at derby time.

Perch off the dock
while waiting for more 
derby entries

m george joe fishin.jpg (43214 bytes)

Here is how hard we work in-between weighing in fish
Click the pic

Why do they "paper punch" the gill plate on the fish at weigh-in? That is so the fisherman can't enter it again or travel to another weigh station thinking there are scales somewhere more favorable to him.    

don ruffell webster ny 41 deg water.jpg (39651 bytes)
Good Sport!

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