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Mike with his 7 pound 6 ounce Lake Erie Walleye

Here's Mike's Story:

A Friend and myself headed out to the Buffalo Harbor area looking for Smallmouth. As a religious Bill Hilts reader, we were excited to see the bass action was on the rise. I read the June 8th "Fish Finder" and mainly stuck with the bass section, ignoring the walleye department, and signed off.

Being this was my second time on Lake Erie, I still wasn't too familiar with the waters and their structure, so we decided to stay around the Break walls. We were very skeptical on the Windmill Farm Damaging storm the night before. We had an idea it would scatter the smallys, but we tried anyway. After about three hours of nothing, we decided to try one of the many shoals out in the lake. We went out the South gap and in front of the massive Windmills. About 35 feet of water, Bam!!! Three Drums, OK, some action. Some is better than none.

Next fish was this 7lbs. 6oz. Walleye, My First.

We caught two more, one 3lbs. 5oz. and a smaller one that we let go. and a few 12 inch plus perch. What a day, beautiful, and the fish were biting. We were using homemade, pearl spinners, silver blade, red hook, tipped with a nightcrawler.

Thanks for your time

Mike Dickinson,
Barker NY

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