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Another Outdoors Niagara Exclusive! 04/11/07

Caught by Andy Ayers

This Monster Rainbow Trout measured about 30 inches and weighed 
more than 11.2 pounds. Caught in Catherine Creek in the Southern Tier, NY State.
 [Montour Falls area.] Catherine Creek runs into Seneca Lake.
What is unusual is it's mere size for a small creek that is stocked every year by the NY DEC

Sean Hanna, regional director for the state Department of Environmental 
Conservation, Estimated the fish to be 8 to 10 years old!

Ayers was using an egg sack!

Photo submitted by Jeff Murray, Staff writer Star-Gazette ~ Elmira/Corning, N.Y.
Quote by Jeff Murray: "It's by far the biggest trout I've ever seen around here."
You can read Murray's article on the Star-Gazette website HERE This is a direct link
to the story and news stories only last for a little while before they are put away.

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