Northern Snakeheads Video

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From The Times Herald Record, serving New York's Hudson Valley area ~ Go here to read the newspaper


The state Department of Environmental Conservation descended on Slate Hill to stop the spread of northern snakehead fish which were discovered in Ridgebury Lake and Catlin Creek this Spring. DEC workers saved about 1,400 native fish from the waters before they showed up Tuesday morning armed with barrels of fish toxin. This video contains alarming footage of what can best be described as a new underground/water sport: aquatic cockfighting.
"The northern snakehead is an invasive fish native to China, Russia and Korea. Other snakehead species are native to parts of Asia and Africa. Two populations of this air-breathing predator have been identified in New York State".....Learn more on the NYSDEC website page HERE

You will learn what they look like, what to do if you see or catch one, how to get a hold of your nearest DEC office to make your report and more.

From DEC website: "Importation and interstate transport of snakeheads is prohibited under federal Lacey Act. Northern snakeheads are top predators capable of growing to at least three feet long and surviving throughout the continental US in a variety of habitats. With teeth similar to our pike and walleye, they are superb predators"

There are also links to eradication plans



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