OSU Proposed Constitution and By-Laws January 2008


Outdoor Sportsmen United [OSU]

"Collectively We can do Better"


January 2008

Drafted for the proposed Outdoor Sportsmen United
[See authors note below]

Article I - Name 

The name of this organization shall be the Outdoors Sportsmen United, herein referred to as O.S.U.

Article II 
 Purpose and Goal

A.   The purpose of Outdoor Sportsmen United shall be to promote the growth and development for better relationships with all users of our great resource in both the United States and Canada by encouraging good fishing and hunting practices, and  by education of the young and sharing of new and established techniques with others. 
 B.     Goals

1.   The first focused priority shall be the welfare of the Niagara River and its tributaries

2.  To promote good catch & release practices of all fish species.

3.  To create programs for youth involvement and education of outdoors activities.

4.    To promote safety, education, camaraderie and good sportsmanship

5.    To improve U.S. and Canadian fishermen relations  

6.  To assist and support fish stocking and restoration

7.    To develop and promote in-club activities for our membership


Article III - Officers, duties, and terms of office It is noted here that ALL officers or directors are subject to dismissal by part 1 of Article III.

Part 1: “Terms of office for any elected office shall be for one calendar year which starts January 1st. and ends at the end of the current calendar year, December 31st. or until [the officer's] successor is elected. Officers/directors may be removed for any reason before the term expires by the majority of ALL elected officers then the election can be rescinded and a successor then elected by the membership for the remainder of the term.” (See Chapter 7 of OSU)

In the event an officer/director resigns or can not perform his/her duties the president can appoint, with approval of the board, an interim officer to fill that role until the next scheduled elections. Any member in good standing is allowed to be a successor according to the terms in this article. 

A.  President 

1.   To conduct all regular & special meetings and to announce in proper sequence an order of business at meetings.

2.   To appoint all committee chairpersons, subject to approval by the board of directors.

3.   To oversee the efficient management of all business of the Niagara River Sportfishing Club.

            B.   Vice-President 

1.   To assume the duties of the President in his absence.

2.   To assist in the duties of the President as requested by the President.

            C. Recording Secretary 

1.  To record minutes of all meetings

2.  To send, receive, and file all correspondence

3.  To keep all committee reports on file

4.  To provide all Officers and Directors copies of minutes of any prior board or membership meeting.

5.  To prepare membership meeting minutes to be read to the membership at the following membership meeting.

6.  When changing of secretary through the election process, the outgoing secretary is obligated to relinquish all records to the new officer.

7.  In the event the secretary cannot attend a meeting for any reason, the secretary is responsible for getting someone to fill in, take minutes and provide copies of minutes or correspondence.


D. Treasurer 

1.   To be responsible for all funds of the O.S.U. in a manner prescribed by the board of directors.

2.   To present the club treasury and bank account records for review by the finance committee at any time and to the directors for review whenever requested.

4.   To make an accurate financial report at all meetings.

5.   To act as membership committee chairman.

E.   Board of Directors    

1.   Shall consist of at least three members but not more than five.

2.   To assist and advise the President in the management of all O.S.U.


3.   To study and make recommendations on any matters proposed by the membership including any amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws.

4.   At least three directors will review and sign the Treasurers books annually at the discretion of the board majority.

5.   To oversee fundraising committees with minimal interference to said committees.   

6.   To act on any emergency business brought by the President that cannot wait until a regular meeting

            7.   To serve as constitution and by-laws committee.
Article IV Committees 

A.     All committee chairmen shall be appointed and/or replaced by recommendation of the President only with the approval of the board of directors. Committee chairmen are responsible for assembling their own committees and committees will be under the sole direction and responsibility of that particular chairman. All Committee chairmen including standing committee chairmen shall serve terms as prescribed by the board of directors.

B.     Standing committees shall be:
Sport fishing
Public Relations
Political action
U.S. and Canada relations.
Election committee and nomination committees shall be the same.

 Article V Elections 

A. Nominations shall be from the floor and the Nominating committee. Nominations to be held annually at the meeting that is prior to the final membership meeting of the current calendar year. [eg; nominations in November and nominations 30 minutes prior to voting at the December meeting.]

B.  Elections shall he conducted by written ballot at the final membership meeting of the current calendar year.

C.   Officers shall assume their duties on January 1st. of the current calendar year.

D.   Only members with dues paid in full before the November nominations meeting are eligible to run for office and vote in the annual election.
E. To be eligible for consideration of any elected office,  you must be a member for three consecutive months prior to election day of the current year.


Article VI Meetings 

A.  Shall be conducted at a date, time and place to be determined by the board of directors and shall be consistent whenever possible.

B.  The board of directors can change the date of a membership meeting to avoid conflict with related events.

C. The board of directors shall meet prior to the scheduled membership meetings. [this could be 1 week, 2 weeks etc. before scheduled membership meeting.]

D. Special meetings may be called if special business comes up that can’t wait for a scheduled meeting.

D. All meetings shall be conducted by Roberts Rules of Order [RRoO]  if not covered in this document.

Article VII Membership Dues 

A. Shall be open to anyone interested in the aims and goals of the O.S.U.

      B.  Dues shall be $10.00 per year for the first year of organization but may be changed at any time
      if  voted by the membership at any membership meeting through a recommendation by the Officers
     and Directors. Any dues increase will take effect at the next renewal cycle.

C. Membership year shall be the calendar year (January 1 through December 31).

D. Members not abiding by the aims and goals of the O.S.U. are subject to review and possible rejection by vote of the officers and directors.

E. At no time will dues or any other fee be returned for any reason.

Article VIII - Succession of Office 

A.  In the event that any officer cannot or will not perform his duties, the following shall he the order of succession. i.e., Vice-President shall replace the President; Board of Directors shall appoint all other officers. [reigning President does not vote on this.]

B.  In the event that any officer misses three consecutive meetings without just cause, the board of directors can end his term with a 2/3 majority vote and replace him under terms of this article.

Article IX Membership Duties:

It is the expected of the membership to participate in club sanctioned events and activities of this organization whenever possible.  That means things like participating at meetings, fund raisers, serving on committees, voting in annual elections, and whatever is deemed necessary to extend the welfare and well being of this club etc. Members are asked to uphold the character of this club wherever and whenever possible. No one shall force or coerce a member in doing anything except to be a member in good standing. 
Article X - Changes in Constitution & By-Laws

A.  All changes or additions to this constitution and by-laws must be presented to the three or all directors for review and recommendations then read and discussed at two consecutive membership meetings and voted on by the majority in attendance of the second meeting. The three, or all, directors are to act as the constitution and by-laws committee [see Article III Section E, number 7] and may select any other members, up to two to serve on the committee if desired. One of the three directors, is to chair this committee.

 Article XI   Dissolution 
A.    In the event the Niagara River Sportfishing Club should become dormant or disband, any and all funds left shall he donated to a worthy cause as designated and approved by the membership.

 AUTHORS NOTE: The original Constitution and By-Laws that this document was modeled after was drafted from the Constitution & By-Laws used by the local electrical  workers union in 1982 and is what governed the NRAA for 25 years to great success with only minor updates & modifications through the years. The above document has been drafted and modified here as a starting point for the Outdoors Sportsmen United. 
Organization name suggestions needed as well as leadership suggestions. 

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