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Comment: Outdoors Sportsmen United will be open to anyone concerned with the future of our outdoors and the enhancement of better sportsmen relations in both the U.S. and Canada. Access, stocking, adult & youth education of our outdoor opportunities will be a priority. Individual members, clubs, and individual sportsmen will be welcomed. Let this be our start. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. Inform your friends and ask their input. United we can do more.

Hunting opportunities are shrinking with threats of stricter gun controls, less private land access, crossbow/sportsman controversies, education and more.  Fishing is in need of basically the same boost as what hunting needs. Fishing will need assurances of increased stocking and increased exposure to make the public more aware of what this sport is all about.  We need to educate the public, the youth, the educators, and most of all the younger generation of parents and adults so we can bring them into our fold. If our outdoor recreation activities are to survive, we need exposure and numbers of people to come together and be a single voice. United we can do more.

One of the most important things that need attention is education of our educators. Think about it, if survival of our outdoor sports are are to survive, we need more interaction with the educators of our youth. Many educators today never even seen a dial phone nor a black & white TV set let alone know anything about the outdoors. Think about it. They need help in understanding what the outdoors sports are all about and protecting the rights of us as American and Canadian citizens. United we can do more.

Businesses such as mom and pop sporting goods stores, charter operators, etc. as well as the big box stores are suffering regardless of what they tell you. Fishing AND hunting licenses in the country are on a major downturn. We cannot physically turn this trend around but collectively we can be an important part in slowing it down or maybe put a stopper on it. United we can do more.

We need numbers.

OUR PURPOSE: Fill in the blanks


OUR GOALS: Fill in the blanks

Your help and input is very important and if you would like to join in on the ground floor, and we can put you on the special email list to keep you informed on our progress. Your email address will NEVER be shared with anyone, and we need your support and input.

Your comments, good or bad are welcomed. We will need leaders and numbers if we are to be successful. 

Note: Draft of O.S.U. constitution and by-laws are ready for comments in January. You must have password code to view them. HERE

"Collectively We can do Better"

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