Niagara River Maps

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ICE Fishing

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Lake Erie Walleye Tips

“Niagara’s Premier Outdoors Website”  “Most informative and up to date outdoors website on the planet” Back to Outdoors Niagara Home /    Back to Fishing Tips Page WALLEYE! ~ Tips for you on how the pros do it! Fishing /By Will Elliott, Buffalo News Outdoor Writer Fishing walleye in Lake Erie ~ Dunkirk Harbor Area ~ … Read more

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Niagara County Federation

  702 Ridge Rd, Lewiston, NY 14092 ~ U.S.A. 2015 OFFICERS President: Douglas Walk  Email President Vice President: Dave Kern Sr. Treasurer: Dave Whitt Secretary:  John Butcher NYSCC Delegate: Dale Dunkelberger NYSCC Alternate: Dave Kern Sr. NYS Region 9 Fish and Wildlife Board: Robert Kerns – [Go to NRA website] PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS … Read more

Egg Sacs Roe Bags

An Outdoors Niagara Exclusive! Fishing the Niagara River   What’s an Egg Sac or Roe Bag?  Curing your own salmon/trout eggs Back to Home Page                                      Go to Fishing the Niagara River with John Long       Back to Yellow Sally’s page               Here is a couple of Fall Niagara River Salmon waiting to be cleaned up at the Lewiston … Read more

Bill Hilts Sundays

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Pioneer Sportsmen The Pioneer Conservation Sportsmen of Niagara County was founded in 1986 from an idea tendered by William Riley and Dick Robinson for the purpose of providing a daytime club and meeting time for interested sportsmen.  "ALL INTERESTED SPORTSMEN ARE INVITED TO JOIN US"                         Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Meeting Dates in 2008 … Read more

Blue Pike Story

BLUE PIKE  The Past – The Present – and the Future WELCOME! BLUE PIKE INDEX BELOW       Is the Blue Pike related to Walleye? Read this information and decide for yourself Blue Pike (Stizostedion vitreum glaucum) Blue Pike information found here was researched and compiled by Mark Daul The  Blue Pike information found here is … Read more