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It’s been more than 75 years since Pautzke Bait Company laid the foundation for defining trout fishing in North America. It’s been an amazing journey since Dad Pautzke began cooking salmon eggs on his small kitchen stove in the early 1930s. From that humble beginning, our world famous BALLS O’ FIRE salmon eggs have served countless trout anglers across the globe. We’ve sold more than 85 million jars of BALLS O’ FIRE eggs thanks to the product quality and craftsmanship that has maintained our position as the oldest bait company in North America.

◄  Veteran and local Charter Captain Frank Campbell endorses and uses Pautzkes!
[Photo on Niagara River]

Want to catch more salmon and steelhead in Upstate NY?
Learn how to use Pautzke's Firecure and BorX O Fire 
Brand new video and brand new information for you EXCLUSIVELY on Outdoors Niagara!

FIRE BRINE! Pautzke Baits newest introduction in it's line of baits!

This is a well done video featuring Niagara's Captain Frank Campbell and
Pautzke Bait Company Pro Anglers. Great scenic views and
GREAT fishing tips on the Lower Niagara River
The video is 28 minutes long and is well worth the view

This video also features Pautzke Field Pros, Tim Roller and Chris Shaffer

Near the end you will see Capt. Campbell give you some tips on Fire Brine filmed at the Lewiston fish cleaning station.
In this video you will see the 3-way rig setup for River trout and salmon and Capt. Campbell explaining the rigging to you


This is a Pautzke video featuring Duane England
showing you exactly how to retrieve your eggs from your
fresh caught salmon, how to properly treat them with the
new Fire Cure and, at the end you will see how Pautkze
Fire Cure eggs milk in the water releasing valuable scents 
and how important it is to have good milking
eggs using Pautzkes .



FIRE CURE contains some of the most powerful scent attractants available, including our industry-best Krill scent., which is what sets it apart from other commercial egg cures. Many of North America’s most respected salmon and steelhead guides have long used some sort of shrimp-based “boost” on their cured eggs, but FIRE CURE goes one better by incorporating Krill into the basic formula. As a result, the ultra-powerful attractant permeates the eggs and provides the strongest scent profile imaginable.

The video below was filmed in the Lower Niagara River winter fishing with Pautzke Bait Company reps
 in Captain Frank Campbell's boat in the Devils Hole area. This was a cold windy day as you can see
and the wind was interfering with the sound but still a worthwhile video. In the pics you can see
the Lewiston-Queenston bridge in the background and the lower reaches of the
Robert Moses Power Plant. Notice the snow along the banks and if you look
close you can see how the pencil sinker is hooked up to the fishing rig. [3 way & #8 hook!]
By the time they got this steelie to the boat, look how far they drifted!


There is a NEW video coming soon showing you haw to prepare loose, single eggs for fishing with Pautzke bait cures.
Captain Frank Campbell & Pautzke Bait Co. will be giving you a first-hand video lesson on doing this. 

New for 2010-2011 ~ FIREBAIT!

Known globally as the highest quality salmon egg on the planet,
PREMIUM BALLS O’ FIRE salmon eggs are not only particularly valuable for trout,
but also a favorite for salmon and steelhead anglers.


Be sure to visit the Pautzke complete website and take a look at their catalog. GO HERE

Pautzke Bait Company is a major sponsor of Outdoors Niagara ~ As always, support our sponsors!