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 Elizabeth [7 years] [L] and her sister, 5 year old Kathryn have turned into a couple of great fishergals. Both are accomplished walleye fishergals and now they have their bait aimed at perch! WOW!
Keep up the good work Mike L.!
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Mike Fox Bass L erie ognib 061108.jpg (35599 bytes)
Mike Fox with summer Smallmouth
from Lake Erie/Buffalo
Mike Jaeger 4 lb walleye.jpg (36359 bytes)

Mike Jaeger of Buffalo caught this fish off Smoke Creek in Lake Erie after the Spring opener!  
Easy 4# walleye.

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Outdoor writer Joe Ognibene with Stella Niagara
Walleye Caught in Late July.
Notice the pencil sinker drifting setup.
Jim Fittante caught 52707 north Wilson.jpg (37766 bytes)

Jim Fittante caught this 
ing Salmon on Lake Ontario 
north of Wilson NY
Fittante was fishing with 
friend and Captain Ray Matouk
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 Garys King photo.jpg (51755 bytes)
Here is a king that Heather Hannon, my Girlfriend caught last October. We were fishing Devil's Hole with Blue Fox spinners. Fish measured 34" and was released.  0907

Strange Fish from Olcott N.Y.
A deformed "looks like" a steelhead caught locally that has biologists baffled! 
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Josh Dickinson holding fish
Josh Dickinson holding fish

These fish show up sporadically in L. Ontario, I have not heard of any in L. Erie. I have seen other pics., read reports, & personally seen these fish. I know for a fact one turned up on one of the piers at Olcott Harbor last fall, & I personally hooked 1 at Burt Dam last October that was only about 17 or 18 in., long- I lost it at my feet, but it definitely had a HUGE tail on it. They seem to be  regular steelhead w/ unusually large fins & tails. I read a thread on the Lakeontariounited board summer or fall of 2006 that had several different pictures & biologic theories about these fish, but it seems they predominantly show up in Western L. Ontario tribs with no real valid explanation.
Submitted By
Cynthia Roswick

Mike Dickinson with his 
Lake Erie Walleye!


for a great Story from Mike!

An avid Bill Hilts Jr. Fish Locator reader!

Travis Coon 081107.jpg (47721 bytes)

Travis Coon holding, not the winner, but a good sized fish entered in the Niagara River Bass contest 
in August. 
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2006 Fish Odyssey Winners! Amanda Mrzygut [L] and sister Amanda on the right finished first & second in the youth carp division. These fisherwomen are holding their respective awards proving you don't need a big fish photo to "land" on www.OutdoorsNiagara.com.  Ariel finished First place with a 16.57 pound carp [Lower Niagara] and sis Amanda finished with a 11.13 "pounder." [Hyde Park Lake] Third place finisher was Brittney Smouse [no pic sorry]

Pictures of Ron Gilmore, Joe Swogger and Captain Jim Gordon, Captain Campbell  Larry Gilmore and his fishin' buddy Steve were all moved to page 5 in these photos.

Ya gotta just Love this!

3 year old Kathryn on the left is pleased with her walleye catch and sister, 5 yr. old Elizabeth is smiling from ear to ear with hers!

I am so proud of these pictures!
Thank you all!
Keep 'em coming!


big bow for web.JPG (76647 bytes)
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Captain Chris Vogt
of U-Betcha Charters is holding a big 'bow he caught on day one of the recent 23rd. Annual Skip Hartman Memorial Pro-Am Tournament. The fish was caght off Wilson NY on a white E-chip dodger and fly. Vogt said with the lake being so flat and calm, with temps in the 80's it made fishing challenging. 

Prominent fisherwoman Connie Adams was the official Tournament Required "Observer" 

Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon Team Tournament

barr dav shei 2.jpg (144454 bytes)
[L, R] Prof. Barry Kew, Sheila Dier, Dave Daul share the duties of holding this King Kew caught in August on L. Ontario. Dier is Dave's caregiver & Kew get's 'em no matter what. Visit Dave's Front Porch: Short Stories and information on the Stroke Network 0907

John Wallis Salmon 080907.JPG (67640 bytes)
Arkansan John Wallis,  was  fishing Lake Ontario this summer and he caught his first King! This is it!


Jake Welch and a nice lake trout he caught while trolling the Niagara bar on March 21, 2007.  Jake won the youth division of the ESLO derby last year in the lake trout division with a twelve and a half pounder he caught west of the bar and this was his first trip back to the bar to try for a bigger one, and that he did.  Besting last year by three pounds with this 15 pounder caught near the green can.  Jake uses a bottom bouncing trolling technique he perfected in the finger lakes, where his grandmother has a cottage.  Jake is 13 years old and has become known in our fishing circles as 'Laker Jaker'  He caught a 14 pound lake trout in Lake Erie this summer, but this is
 his biggest catch to date. 04/10/07
Congratulations Jake! 
[and Dad Tom too!]

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February 17 2007  Niagara River/ Roger Toby Memorial Steelhead Contest

Bob Lerch on the left is holding his first place winning fish that went 12.15 pounds. Lerch is from Romulus NY. The fellow on the right is John DeLong from Seneca Falls holding on to a 11+ pound steelie.  The fisherman  in the middle is Buffalo News Outdoor Writer Will Elliott. Elliott and his partners were fishing out of Captain Frank Campbell's Lower Niagara River Charter boat. Elliott reports it was the best day he ever had on the river and comments Campbell had them into fish on the first drift, and they had at least 60 fish on and boated 40. Lerch won $150.00 in the 50/50 draw at the awards ceremonies. 


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Famous Sabres Hockey Player Rob Ray with Morgan and Christie after a successful day on Lake Ontario showing their king salmon catch! Rob Ray was one of the toughest NHL hockey players through the 1990's!

10/27Larry Brenner [L] from Toronto 
and John Jackson from Hamilton Ont. with a nice catch of winter steelhead
Brenner & Jackson were fishing wirh 
Captain Bruce Blakelok from Lewiston NY. 


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Young Matt Jackson 
moved to page #3
See his Salmon!!!!
Oh man, oh, man

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