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Gerry Condren of Youngstown had a great day fishing with his neighbor Ray Mahtook, also  of  Youngstown. Condren is holding a 30# King caught off the red can at the drop-off in the lake at Fort Niagara. Condren landed 3 Kings with a total weight of 81 Pounds!

I have been fishing the last month out in Ontario and getting some nice kings. this past weekend proved to be the best yet...after seeing the weather report for Olcott my father in-law choose to take a trip up to Pulaski and fish out of the Light House Marina...what a great trip this was...
Brent Lysek, Niagara Falls NY

Jeff Dier age 18 fish caught in a farmers pond in Marilla, NY 8/18/06 7:30 pm caught with (yum green and silver wacky worm) fish left: 3lbs right 3 1/2 lbs 

2006 Fish Odyssey Winners! Amanda Mrzygut [L] and sister Amanda on the right finished first & second in the youth carp division. These fisherwomen are holding their respective awards proving you don't need a big fish photo to "land" on www.OutdoorsNiagara.com.  Ariel finished First place with a 16.57 pound carp [Lower Niagara] and sis Amanda finished with a 11.13 "pounder." [Hyde Park Lake] Third place finisher was 
Brittney Smouse [no pic sorry]

Ya gotta just Love this!

3 year old Kathryn on the left is pleased with her walleye catch and sister, 5 yr. old Elizabeth is smiling from ear to ear with hers!

I am so proud of these pictures!
Thank you all!
Keep 'em coming!

Don Miller fish caught in a farmers pond in Marilla, NY 8/18/06 5:30 pm caught with (yum green and silver wacky worm) fish 5 lbs

ATLANTIC SALMON From Lake Ontario! Mike Pinkham showing his 16 pound fresh caught Atlantic Salmon ~ Fish was caught off the Olcott Piers. Pinkhams fish was entered in the Steve Baldo Ford fishing contest. 

Steve Bailey with a 22# 38" King caught in the Niagara Gorge Sept. 16th while fishing with the Ameri-Can Fishing Charters. Photo submitted by Penny Rodden, Steves Gal !

Young Matt D. showing of his nice Lake Ontario yellow perch. Matti was fishing with his sister Joanie and brother Justin. That's dad's hand in the photo.   

Famous Sabres Hockey Player Rob Ray with Morgan and Christie after a successful day on Lake Ontario showing their king salmon catch! Rob Ray was one of the toughest NHL hockey players through the 1990's!
YVONNE Olcott pier ryan thomas girlfrd lime green KO wobbler.jpg (55705 bytes)

Yvonne with a Pier Caught Salmon off of Olcott NY. Yvonne was fishing with Ryan Thomas and they both had successful a successful day. This fish was caught on a lime green 3/4 oz. K.O. Wobbler This is her first salmon ever caught! 



Young Matt Jackson 
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See his Salmon!!!!
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