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The 23rd Annual Skip Hartman Memorial Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon Team Tournament 2007

For complete listing of winners of the 2007 Tournaments 
please visit the Official Pro-Am Tournament site HERE

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Following is from Bill Hilts Jr. ~ 
Hilts is the Coordinator of the Niagara County division of the Pro-Am Tournaments.

The 23rd Annual Skip Hartman Memorial Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon Team Tournament out of Niagara County went off without a hitch June 2-3 2007. Both the weather and the fish cooperated nicely for many of the 84 teams competing in this year's two-day event. Reels were smoking out of both Wilson and Olcott. At the end of the competition, it was Hot Reels/Dreamweaver in the Professional Division with a total score of 403.98 points that ended up with the $10,067 prize package, $5,000 in cash. The team was led by Dave Sullivan of Everett, Ontario, the first Canadian team to ever win the tournament. In the Amateur Division, it was O-Fish-L Business with a total score of 251.06 points to win the $5,000 prize package that includes $3,000 in cash. Team leader was John Hauck of Hughesville, Pennsylvania. Total scores are based on 10 points per fish and a point per pound. 

         There were 43 teams in the Professional Division this year and Day One action saw Onacona/Hooked up take over the early lead with a limit of fish that scored 208.05 points. Leading after the first day, though, has not been a good position to be in. Four other teams came in with 12 fish limits and all were near the top. Hot Reels came in at sixth place after the first day with a score of 187.17 and 10 fish. Day Two was another picture perfect day and Sullivan didn't want his team to out-think themselves. They kept their program simple and trolled in front of Olcott in 70 to 90 feet of water using spin doctors and flies, as well as spoons, to take a limit of fish by 10 a.m. Then they had to play the waiting game. 


wpe29.jpg (29407 bytes)
Bill Hilts Jr. Keeping the action going and the crowd moving
skip hartman tee  1.JPG (63942 bytes)
Official Tournament Tee
Peters fish exams.JPG (60067 bytes)
Wayne Peters working the 
fish exams
scorekeepers.JPG (77608 bytes)
Official record keepers
Notice the modern equipment used now days....digital electronic scales...computer records and instant
check fish.JPG (66680 bytes)
This is the first fish examination
 for qualifying
joe beningo crew.JPG (77297 bytes)
This is the crew Joe Beningo 
volunteered to "Observe" for 

Connie Adams and Joe Beningo were  both volunteer observers on different boats. Each boat was required to have an official observer aboard
no name yet.jpg (28868 bytes)
I missed his name but this volunteer has worked this derby since the first one!
Will someone please send a name!
young boy w big fish.JPG (62789 bytes)
All sizes of entrants!
stand in line for weighin.JPG (86339 bytes)
Line up of contestants waiting for their fish inspection and eventually to the scales
wait to check out.JPG (86112 bytes)
Line up of Contestants
 patiently waiting
watching weighin.JPG (65678 bytes)
Crowd watching the weigh-in
pavillion Crowd.JPG (71097 bytes)
Observers and fishermen 
attending the activities

Watchers outside the Pavilion
jim gordon.JPG (40034 bytes)
Captain Jim Gordan
Capt. Jim's Charter Service 
 (716) 778-7735
ready to weigh-in.JPG (83371 bytes)
Loads of fish!
Getting ready for weigh-in
sunrise 217 cooler.JPG (73920 bytes)
Guess what's in the cooler!
wpe4C.jpg (20548 bytes)
Fish Styx finished fine
wpe4F.jpg (24379 bytes)
Captain Jim Taylor's boat finished well in the final standings
1 [800] 464 0103
u-betcha tee.JPG (55908 bytes)
U-Betcha Charters  is operated by Captain Chris Vogt
(585) 589-7125
wpe51.jpg (22488 bytes)
Guess what's in this one!
wpe5B.jpg (31293 bytes)
One of the early leader boards
To see all the official winners go to the Lake Ontario Pro-Am site 
wpe5D.jpg (27349 bytes)
Another early leader board
wpe5F.jpg (29905 bytes)
Hilts Jr. keeping the crowd interested.

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