Saw whet Owl - Outdoors Niagara

Photo submitted by: Kaitlyn Gillis
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Here's a photo of a Saw-whet Owl that was taken in the Town of Porter, Niagara County N.Y. by Kaitlyn Gillis. 

This is a rare sighting. Saw-whet owls are strictly nocturnal and seldom observed. Most bird watchers consider seeing one a "once in a lifetime" experience. Few people ever see a live saw-whet owl. 

The Northern Saw-whet owl has a round head, yellow eyes and a black bill. 

7 to 8 inches long, and weighs 3 to 4 ounces.

Sounds in the night: A monotonous "Toot, toot, toot, toot....," given rapidly and persistently throughout the night.

More information on Saw-whet Owls can be found HERE Very interesting information!

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