A Lesson Learned 


It is a very early Sunday morning when Dave's alarm sounded at eight. Being damp, chili, and still in a groggy state of mind, Dave yawned to grab his cleanest dirty shirt. Strutting to the kitchen, he prepared himself a pot of hot coffee. During the preparation, a pause was instate to listen to the rhythm of a falling rain on a newly re-shingled roof. Making his way to tune onto some jazz on the stereo, Dave gazed out the window waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. Inside the house captured an aroma of coffee brewing that was bought yesterday, easy listing jazz playing on the stereo, and the sight of pouring rain pounding on the blacktop sent Dave to a pondering state of mind.  This made him think about the lesson he learned in those growing pain years.

Dave was one of the five children watching the rain from a picture window while Ma prepared her famous spaghetti sauce for three hundred people. Ma yelled out from the kitchen  "I have a big treat waiting here for the best behaved person!” Dave headed to the toy box and prepared his GI Joe's for war, while the others gathered around the television set to watch a movie in black and white. Time marched away to a grilled cheese and a tomato soup lunch.


Going back to the choice corner after lunch to play and continue my killing the bad guys his famous GI Joe war. The movie the others watched ended just in time to tackle that lunch, which was fit for a king. Since, there was nothing for them to do after lunch, they proceeded to misbehaving on this rainy day, feeling very cooped up in a house filled with a sent of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. In the middle of Dave's mother-commanding voice to calm her misbehaving kids. I paused what I was doing, to glance out the window because the sudden effort the sun made to shine. Noticing the ground drying and the neighborhood kids gathering up to play, Dave came to realize he is the only prime candidate for that reward. With this in mind, he is able to prime himself leading to this main event of excepting his sweet reward. He knew the reward is something sweet to eat because without fail it always resulted to this.  


The glance out the window also resulted in seeing the drying of pavement. With water puddles from the rain loitering the pavement, it is time to bug ma to go outside to play and inhale my sweet reward. Dave very quickly put things away to play outside. We all gathered around mom to ask permission to go outside and play. The answer is happily, “YES!” Now the big moment has arrived where I get to inhale my sweet reward and make everyone realize it pays sweet to be well behaved...... In addition, you Dave, mom said, as she reached with both arms to give me a big warm hug and kiss, “thanks for being good.”


That hug and kiss in life's roller coaster ride is the very best reward you can get.



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