The sun is shining very brightly the day before Thanksgiving. This day you not only eat a lot, but this is the start for another great Christmas season. It meant for me to shop for a reason because I love to give, and see the excitement on faces that received from me. Especially the kids!


I made my way down stairs on this Thanksgiving Day morning making my way to the coffeepot. On my way down to the kitchen, I realized that there was time to spare until a 3 o'clock Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of using that time to watch TV, I decided to go shopping, after all, my Christmas list expanded to a girlfriend. Not many stores bother opening doors, but it was a good way for this early Christmas shopper to get things off my mind, like the fishing reel, I need. 


I hopped in the car to start the beginning of a new holiday season and the fight against time. Christmas sure comes fast! With no snow on the ground yet, the sunglasses are necessary to wear on this cold day. Upon arrival to the toy store, I picked my parking spot next to an old yellow car. Stepping out of my car, my eyebrows raised up to recognize that yellow car. Damned if it wasn't the old yellow car the old man was driving last summer. My mind flashed back to the lesson he taught me.


My hand reached for the door to the toy store's only entrance. Upon opening the door to let myself in, I seen a boat on its trailer zoom by and made me remember the new fishing rod I bought. This rod has an all cork reel seat, with single foot aluminum oxide guides wrapped with moronic thread, which made a shine like a freshly waxed car. This rod was a 6-foot medium action G-Loomis rod and it went Walleye fishing up north with me to Lake Nosbonsing on its first trip. It is necessary to have a G-Loomis IM-6 Graphite rod for a lake like this!


I finished my gift list a week before the exciting give away day, CHRISTMAS! that is more exciting than catching a fish on my new rod. Now I know how Saint Nick feels.


It was the Sunday before Christmas week when I decided to buy the lucky reel to match my G-Loomis rod thought. This decision was made, because a TV commercial I saw advertising Daiwa Whisker Reels. I had to wait until after the holidays, I thought aloud. The wind outside pushed a falling snow, which melted as it arrived on the ground. I had that reel on my mind while watching the "In fisherman" TV Show that was on. That reel remained in the back of my head for a long time.


It finally arrived; it's finally Christmas day. With all the early shopping I done, I can ease my troubled mind because I have a completed list.


It was worth all the trouble because the expressions on the kidís faces are priceless. The moment came when it was time for me to open a gift that I did not know was going to change life's history. I came to small box wrapped in a pretty red paper. The room became silent as I began to unravel history. This is a very "fishy" scene to me because everyone watched as if I was going to run off and go fishing or something. 


The opening continued!


My jaw dropped as I saw a box that had "Daiwa Whisker" in big bold, reddish letters. The fingers fumbled to open the box on a mission in hopes the box contained the perfect fishing reel match up for 6-foot medium action G-Loomis rod. This box had the reel that I needed. 


Mission excitingly accomplished!


Whenever I go on a fishing trip, I am carrying my love with me, and the memories of feelings, which are unconditional. Let us take a gift to build a memory on, the heart can break, but you cannot break a real and a feel good memory. This gift received has an unconditional memory because I carry it with me as a reminder. Remember your favorite Christmas gift this year because Jesus is the reason for the season.  


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