Frick 'n Frack but no Joe

Fishing in the rain, dodging the icebergs in winter, being sunburned in the summer scorching sun and we are still willing to deal with mother natures unforgiving odds. These interruptions can be rewarding, if we are willing to beat the odds.

Frick is a fisherman who will not go fishing alone in a boat. Being two days away to the weekend, the weatherman called for a cloudy day but very muggy and hot. It seems this weekend is going to be perfect for a day on the water for fishing the Lower Niagara River, and a perfect day to be on the water drinking a cool beverage under a screaming seagull begging you for something to eat.

Frick, in his mind figured Joe would go fishing with him, as he goes fishing at any opportunity and is a great joy to fish with.

Listening to Frick 's invite, Joe had to decline this opportunity because he is the best man in his brother's third marriage.

Hanging up the telephone on Joe's decline, he dialed Fran the other fishing buddy whom never say's no to a fishing outing. After giving Fran an earful of invite, he had to back off also on Frick's request to go fishing. Hanging up the telephone again, with a loud voice of sarcasm, said looking down at the telephone, "Looks like I am going alone".

A day passed with no one in mind to call and not a soul asked Frick to go fishing on this forecasted great weekend. Frick that night decided to beat his fear fishing alone in his boat because the odds of a perfect day on his work free weekend is like impossible.

The weekend finally arrived! Like the weatherman said, cloudy day but very muggy and hot. Frick very anxiously, gathered up the gear for his trip and hitched his 17-foot Crestliner boat to the van. Going back and checking to see if the house door was locked, it began to sprinkle. Frick thought, gee, the weatherman must have made a mistake! It's going to rain! Frick then decided he had better stay home where it is dry and cozy watching Saturday morning fishing shows.

Half way through watching a fishing show, sipping tea, and dozing off in his char the telephone rang. It is Frack asking Frick if he wanted to go fishing. Frick had to say no to Frack because of the rain. "The rain!?" Frack yelled out as if it was the end of the world. "I'm at the house on the Lake Ontario enjoying my coffee outside where the sunshine is bright." It did not take much to change Frick's mind about fishing. Looks like Frick and Frack are going fishing!

Jumping to avoid a rain puddle, Frick climbed into his van while slapping his forehead and yelled, "WHAT AM I DOING!" Pounding his steering wheel, Frick glanced out the windshield at the rain and thought, "we must be crazy to go fishing in this rain." Quickly his mind looked at the bright side, I'm going fishing and it's not alone.

Moving quickly, Frick pulled out of the wet driveway on his way to pick up Frack. On his merry way, he notices the sun making its way through the clouds and thinking about Fran turning him down. "I'll be catching a limit of bass, while Fran will end up cutting his grass."

A little on the breezy side and a big rain cloud in the middle of the lake, Frick arrived at Frack's and together they loaded Frick's equipment in the Crestliner. At the launch ramp they decided to fish the lower river's Stella drift for walleye.

Three full drifts and nothing feeding. Half way down the fourth drift, the sky darkened and it was rain clouds. Frack insisted on packing up and stop for the day before it rains. With that remark the odds were stacked against Frick. First, Joe and Fran refused him, second, the weatherman said great weather and no rain, third he is fishing with a sissy and fourth he has to listen to Frack's complaining. It finally rained, and both being wet and very miserable, Frick ignored Frack's request about quitting and just kept on fishing.

All of a sudden, Frick's line went taut and after some scurrying, landed a nice 18-inch walleye.

In situations like this, when the odds seemingly are stacked against capturing that "great day of fishing," being rewarded with a white bellied, yellow sided, bronze topped creature from the deep is particularly rewarding.

The End

The Last Word from Dave:
"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, 
there would be a shortage of fishing poles."

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