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Written by David Daul A Paraplegic Stroke Victim


David Daul

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In these stories you will see much of David's Humor .....Some true and some not so true! Enjoy! 

~ SHORT STORIES - Table of Contents ~

The Land Marked the Spot  The Orange Sky Peace Of Mind
Time To Kill Lucky Cal The Last Day
The Last Day Cont... Beating The Odds Gifts Unanswered
Down Below Jim Presario The Great Getaway
Catch and Release A Reel Christmas The Bar
Wide Open Spaces One More Day The Power Of Silver
A Lesson Learned Crawlers by Night Worms and a Woman       

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 A word from Mark Daul, David's Dad

David Daul is my son. He suffered a serious stroke some time ago at the age of 28. David has been wheelchair bound since, and has limited movement. Dave acquired an old used computer donated by the Niagara Falls school system. This computer has brought him many many hours of enjoyment. One day he decided he would like to do a story on some of his fishing experiences of the past. His first story was printed in the Niagara River Anglers Association's Newsletter, "News & Views". That story was well received and that encouraged him to think deeper and write more. To date, his articles total 22 and he is working on more. They will be posted on his web pages here when finished.

David now has a new computer that he works with.

Dave's family is quite proud of what he has accomplished and often consult with him when they have a computer question or a project to do.

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