Jim Presario

It is three days past Jack Presario’s birthday and no snow on ground with spring just around corner.  Waiting for winters fury’s to turn into spring, my blood also  warmed up to fishing for Big Jim. Jim is the name for the biggest fish caught in a friendly contest among four close friends. The fishing contest ended with the end of summer with loser’s buying a beer for the winner and this excluded Trout and Salmon. Last season, Jack Presario caught Jim at night in the Sturgeon River where it exits to the famous Lake Nipissing, in Ontario Canada.


Jacks morning began sunny and last nights camp fire smoldering smoke rising against the clear blue sky. Dumping out the coffee that chilled at the bottom of his cup, Jack made his way in his cabin filled with the aroma of fresh hot coffee to refill this empty mug. Walking satisfied toward the cabin porch, Jack sat down to sip on his coffee and feed some cancer cells by lighting up a cigar and also enjoy looking out at a mountainous horizon.


Mesmerized by the horizon, Jack took a drag of his cigar followed by a sip of coffee while thinking about Big Jim. Catching Big Jim here, you had a better chance winning the lottery but the chance was still real. We have more fun talking about this big fish than catching it.  

While relaxing and waiting to get out and go fishing, Jack dozed off into a deep sleep. Then he dreamed he caught the biggest fish the locals ever seen. He dreamed the catch became front page news, and among the fishing community, Jack was the best fishermen ever to pass through these parts. The word of his coming sparked a yearly parade for the best fisherman ever to pass through. People filled the street with the crowd chanting, JACK, JACK, JACK! Pure excitement he thought.

His buddy brought Jack back to reality shouting, “Come on Jack, time to go catch Big Jim!”  

Jack’s buddy continued to walk his way to the boat carrying his gear. Being brought back to reality, Jack stood up scaring off several birds pecking the last night’s crumbs off the ground.

Catching up to his buddy followed by two more friends joining them in the boat, they all joked about catching Big Jim.


The four drove half throttle enjoying the view along the river to the waveless Lake Nipissing. Now traveling in full speed on the flat lake, they began their long day only catching 4 fish for the fish fry that night. The day was too hot and the lake stayed flat all day preventing a good drift. Calling it quits for the day and the thought of only four fish on tonight’s menu, Jack decided to go back and fish out the remaining daylight at the mouth of the river. He drove off into a sunset settling in the mountainous horizon, after he let his friends hop ashore to relax the night away.

Settling in the mouth of the river with just a can of bug repellent protecting him from the night’s furry of bugs, he cast the shores in the cool of the night making several casts using a jointed silver and black floating Rapala. He decided to let the lure float before retrieving into action. Doing this the second try he landed two more fish for dinner. Motoring up to beat the night’s total darkness and show off this enormous fish he just caught before it reaches the knife.


The boat is lit up like a Christmas tree as Jack bumped the boat four times on the dock because the darn dock was moving causing him to do a sloppy parking job in the boat slot. After finally tying up, Jack made a mad dash to grab the stringer of fish to show off that big yellow belly Walleye with big meaty cheeks. After all the excitement created over the Walleye, that weighted in at 8.12oz, it went in the fryer to enjoy the fish fry where the fish story truth was told.

Jack never did tell his fishing buddies about his dream.



Words of Wisdom ~ Rule #1-stretch the truth


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