The alarm clock sounded off a ring to start another day of fishing the spring fed lake at Bonfield, Ontario. The dark night lingering over Lake Nosbonsing as the burning daylight rapidly took over the last day of a fishing vacation. The weeklong stay was worth all the effort leading to Tom and Al's summer vacation.


The night air brought morning dew that weighed down the birch tree leaves. Tom poured himself a cup of fresh hot coffee, and paused a brief moment to listen to loons sing good morning. Walking his way to the screened in front porch allowed him to view the calm waters and its steamy breath rising to a clear blue morning sky. He couldn't help notice the flock of geese landing on the water. It set Tom's deep blue eyes on scenery that would color his dreams.


Not in a rush to start the last of his fishing vacation on the water and enjoying his coffee with his pipe, Tom gathered his fishing gear on the table for the last time. He startled the flock of geese pondering on the water. He stood and listened as their floppy wings hit the water and echo during their take off.


In the middle of organizing his gear, Tom was startled by his partners quick three knocks on a door covered with morning dew. Al entered the screened in porch with that door squeaking shut, slamming closed and shook some dew off. Al accepting the coffee Tom offered, finding a spot next to Tom. Al grabs a pen and tears off a piece of paper towel to plan the day for catching their limit of Walleye.


Tom, in a single motion put his hand on his knee to stand hinting to Al its time to go fishing.


The day started as planned at the rock pile drift. Starting at 20 feet of water and a perfect wind and a direction that passes them over a 10-foot reef. The final fourth hour came to a burped end when their stomachs cried out for a relaxing lunch.


On the way in for lunch, Tom pointed to a little girl and her dad so Al could look at the girl fight a fish. Their morning trip came to an end and Al grabbed their catch to show off their limit. Their stomachs were talking after taking pictures and cleaning the fish.


After lunch and their tummies filled, Al decided to lie down, telling Tom he is laying low for the rest of the day. Tom replied in a disappointing voice, "I'll be fishing where we seen that little girl fight her fish." Al, with quick come back, "You're going to catch nothing but crappie in that spot." Tom climbed in the boat and drove away leaving Al to rest.




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