The Last Day Con't...


For a fisherman on vacation, one does not sit on thoughts of doing anything but catching the big one. It will not solve anything but the catch will help you forget life's problems for the future years when 'you were a wishin you were a fishin.'


On this enjoyable of a right time and right place last day, Tom continued his adventure towards that island where this little girl caught her luck. On his way over, the air felt damp and cool. Sitting on the thought of rain, Tom focused his pondering mind on the Lake Nosbonsing record Walleye he is going to catch. Meanwhile, he cut his motor off to start his drift in nine feet of water. A hour of drifting under a hot sun with small cotton ball clouds adding to this scenery, Tom decided to try his luck inland just across the lake where shade is available.


During the two-minute trip, he noticed a slight change in temperature forcing Tom to put his shirt back on. Making his way to fish closer to shore which will protect him from a very hot sun, and a wiping cool wind that is making his travel on the lake miserable enough to stir up his lunch in his tummy. Cutting off his motor in a nice calm eddy, Tom decided to switch over to his crappie rod. Because the waters surface is cluttered with Lily pads and rocks standing tall above the calm eddy where the Lilies contoured the waters surface, Tom said good bye to the thought of his record breaking Walleye. The weather is making this day miserable enough to make this spot heaven.


Tom popped a top and lit his pipe to celebrate his journey across the lake because he beat nature's determination to ruin his last day. Catching nothing in an hour, he changed his tube jig setup to a dark brown body with an orange tail tube jig. He made his third cast near the lilies to jerk his rod up on a strike that changed his mind about calling it quits for the day .


Releasing his catch, Tom made another over head cast towards the same Lily Pad. Reeling in the slack from his perfect cast, he noticed the line moving away from that Lily pad he cast to outsmart another fish. Reeling in the slack came to a complete halt making his rod bend to its limit forcing the drag on the reel to squeal like a pig. During the battle, it is necessary to tighten drag so he can continue fighting the monster in for a Kodak moment. Reaching over the boat to grab his biggest Rock Bass he ever caught, Tom snapped a picture of his fish before releasing it. Tom thanked the Rock Bass for the entertaining fight. Looking down at his rod and reel that is geared for four pound test line he is using, Tom's smile grew, because he new this tiny setup was like battling a small twenty pound Chinook Salmon in the Niagara River.


The rain clouds hid the warming sun making a cool breeze passing through the live birch tree leaves. Weather like this dos not intimidate Tom, but the fish must have been playing cards because it felt like they dealt his heart. This is where the fisherman rides away.


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