On the last day of a spring fishing season, more remarkable fishing events on the Niagara River were only a memory now.

A good day's fishing ended at 6 pm and Drew knew one of the favorite parts of the day was filling his stomach after dinner then popping a top in a sun filled backyard and a sky bluer than blue. Winding down another day of this ends the chapter of spring and starts up summer fishing, and that starts a new page.

Since it's the first day of summer, Drew planned to fish a day at the mouth of the Lower Niagara River. Because the river flowed and emptied into Lake Ontario, the event took place at the historical Old Fort Niagara, which over looks the mighty Niagara River where it meets Lake Ontario. Drew planned on heading for the area known as The Wall. The wall is part of Fort Niagara, which has a nice walkway that provides the perfect offshore fishing area for casting.

Since it is the first day of summer, spending a night at the cottage on Lake Ontario alone, put the icing on the cake. Drew now had a 10-minute drive to The Wall instead of 30 minutes from home.

Finally, waking up to face the first day of summer in the cottage by the lake is his dream come true. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, Drew made a quick glance out a window to view a very calm lake. Taking advantage of this moment, he sipped and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee over looking the lake. Seeing it is only 7:45 am, there is no hurry driving to get to the wall.

On the road that takes Drew to his spot, he quickly thanked God to see another day and its sunrise. Cruising down the highway with his hand out the window and the other hand slapping the steering wheel to a fast George Strait tune blaring in his six speakers, Drew pulled into a parking lot of a grocery in Youngstown. Stepping out of the van to purchase an orange juice that will satisfy his morning thirst, he sucked in a breath of fresh air.

Making the morning grand entrance to a lifeless Fort Niagara State Park, Drew made it to the parking lot where he gathered his fishing equipment from the van. Hiking his way to the waters edge, he had to decide on a spot to start fishing. The corner area where the river raced into the lake looked good, and Drew's exciting fishing day began there.

Tying his favorite jig to the line, the seagulls were diving for their breakfast. With the small ripple of waves from the lake hitting the wall, and the first fan of the morning breeze carrying the scent of a new day, the first three casts, three fish were hooked!

The first two hours in the same spot ended when another fishermen packed up and left a spot just fifty yards away appearing to have a bad day. Drew packed things up and settled in the empty spot.

His reason for moving was the other spot offered many rocks for good bass fishing. In a hurry to get things done, Drew's first cast landed a bass, which jumped clear out of the water. Being released to see one more day, the fish is tossed back gently and he made another cast. After a successful three hours of catching and releasing a variety of fish, Drew headed out of this spot to call it quits because he is tired of catching fish and wants to move on to new fishing challenges in a different area.


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