The Power of Silver




Time is marching to the eve of a hopefully first good day of spring fishing brings the fruitful catches along the thawed out shores of the Lower Niagara River closer. Time showed Gore Freckle new products and techniques to land those colorful game, called fish. Fishing the Lower Niagara was open all year around; Gore is a person who started his journey in warm air under the bright sun of spring and ending in the early chills of fall.


Gore woke up to an alarm clock ringing to remind him to wake up for another work day ahead. Jumping out of his blanket that kept him toasty warm all night to race over to escape this chilled morning air to change into clothes that he laid out. Trotting down the stairs to challenge another day, and because Gore’s day’s seemed like months, this day marked the eve of the first day of spring fishing trip. With this in mind, Gore felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.


The day started at work and is very unorganized. Finally, a day that can be used to prepare for tomorrow’s main event on the thawed out shore along the Lower Niagara River at The Power Plant, where the Silver Bass were no challenge but ensured a good day. After all, "A bad day at work is better than a bad day of fishing."


Planning your first fishing trip for spring requires a bit of work, tender loving care is one of those qualities, fishermen like Gore provided. Using a 4 ˝ foot rod and a reel to match pole required a good polish, and before putting fresh 4 lb.monofilament on his reel. A good hour of casting and targeting a garbage can 20 yards away so your skills are sharpened, and also make sure everything is working correctly; and oiling the squeaks. Gore’s main squeak, if there is one happens at the line roller located being near the bail area on all his spinning reels this ensured longer monofilament life.


The work day end but this very long day continued at home eating dinner and burning the rest of the daylight hours sitting in his recliner flipping through TV channels that showed no interest. The day before the most exciting event for Gore was powering his emanation being the best fisherman on earth and led him to the bar to wipe away this feeling of over joy.


Arriving at the place that’s going to wipe away this feeling of over joy, Gore worked his way to an empty seat at the bar. Drinking dry the first bottle of beer, he ordered a second pealing the label off the empty long neck he drank thinking of tomorrow. Grabbing his drink, Gore ruffled to play a real good feel good song on the jukebox he is stalled by snagging his cleanest dirty shirt on a bar stool. Putting quarters in the jukebox, the request was made by Gore to the bartender walking into the kitchen to make up a double order of barbecued crispy chicken wings. Full of wings and beer the mad dash for home is in the making. Finally, along day resulted in bed to sleep off the rest of the day that will end and begin a new day. A day filled with fishing in the Lower Niagara River catching Silver Bass.


Wiping the sleep from his eyes followed by a loud yawn and a lengthy stretch, Gore ran his fingers through his bed head as he stepped over last nights clothes on the floor he wore at the bar to shut off ringing alarm clock. This is the day God has made for Gore. Gore waited for this day to come that seemed like years in the waiting. Ignoring the hunger pains, he packed his gear into the truck to satisfy the grumbling stomach that pained him. After gorging his fast food breakfast, he reaches for his coffee lip sang to that real good feel good song playing on the radio. Arriving at the Power Plant service road parking lot, Gore hurried out of his truck playing his air guitar to the rhythm of that feel good song ringing in his head.


Carrying his freshened up equipment to start this waited spring day that launch the first day of fishing for him, Gore began his long hike down a curvy paved road which lead him to a path leading to the shore of Niagara . Without resting, Gore in a rushed to climb down the rocky path that brought him to his fishing spot. Finally reaching the bottom he sat to rest at the spot that is going to give him the thrill of fishing. Catching several Silver Bass the thrill of victory was enhanced by hungry seagulls hovering over the mighty Niagara River rapids rising to a clear blue sky, and the hot sun keeping you worm from the cold spring breezes fanning you coming off the waters surface.


Gore ended his day at the bar telling the day he had.  



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