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The thrill of fishing isn't gone; it's just a thinking problem. When the thrill feels like it's fading away, go somewhere to a body of water that produces a good days catch. When it's there, go and get it.


The day started fair and it ended as a disappointment, because the fishing wasn't too good on this spring season. My mouth was very parched when I climbed out of the gorge at the power plant located on the lower river. I dragged myself in the car and drove to the convenience store to take care of this thirst before I trample into work.


I arrived at work knowing I had to keep thinking about my morning adventure. My brother was up to something because he kept dialing the telephone asking for different people. When I was in the middle of thinking about my morning venture, I interrupted myself by wishing I could get sick of catching many fish somewhere else. Before I could continue to tell my brother of my morning adventure down in the gorge, my brother interrupted by insisting upon putting his two cents in, and then asking me if I wanted to go to Seneca Lake Sunday and he could help me get tired of catching perch. Without a chance for any details, I hurried to say ''YES''!


Here it was only Tuesday, and the day I'm going to wait so patiently to come, is our trip to catch perch Sunday. One way I kept busy 'till Sunday's trip to Seneca Lake is go fishing some more. Lake Ontario is the choice to help fill this gap between these long days of wait. I am catching Lake Trout near the shores of Lake Ontario where the Niagara River leaves a steady current. As Friday's fishing adventures ended, Saturday was here in a wink. The plan was to pack things up Saturday night because it takes only two hours to arrive at this wide-open space of water. We can make a reservation at a motel and be rested up for Sunday's big day on Seneca Lake. Wednesday and Thursday came and went in a flash.


Saturday night finally arrived, and with the proper gear packed, we hit the road. My brother and I top the road trip off with a hot cup of coffee and a dozen of Hostess' best donuts. In our discussions, a deal was made that money is bet for the first, most, and biggest fish caught. I was exhausted halfway into the ride, so I decided to doze off into a dream.


All those fish I caught in the Niagara River, were enough to build a dream on. I dreamed I was sitting under a tree counting the money I won at Seneca being fanned by a warm spring breeze. I looked at the channels of the heavens and seen a big silver dollar shining down on the purple mountains majesty.


After a quick catnap, we were 15 minutes away from our perch waters for tomorrow. During this time, I noticed an old Mail Pouch tobacco sign fading on a barn. This sign blasted the past because I used to chew. We arrived at the motel and snickering at their WELCOME sign, because it stated Seneca Lake is the Lake Trout capital of the world.


Morning came, and we awoke early to launch the boat. All day we were catching Chain Pickerel, and their action kept the day entertained. The day ended with an excellent days fishing. It was very late in the afternoon when we had our run with all the Perch.


We packed up, after a long successful Sunday at Seneca. The day ended when we enjoyed a can of beer mixing with the taste of cheese, after we filleted our catch at home. P.S. I won all bets.  


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