St Croix Premier Spinning Rod Review

The St. Croix Premier spinning rod lives up to its name by providing superior performance compared to what you’re liable to find– even among other quality products.

However, the Premier doesn’t just provide premium quality across all of its spinning models and offers a balance between performance thanks to proprietary technologies and nearly unparalleled strength.

However, the blend of performance with extra strength isn’t the only thing that makes this an excellent product, but is it right for you?

That’s what this St. Croix Premier spinning rod review aims to uncover as its next-level performance and exclusive technologies can be a bit overwhelming for some fishermen.



  • A plethora of power ratings
  • Casts smoother than most
  • Premium cork handles


  • Mid-modulus in only okay
  • Not for braided fishing line
  • Not a budget option


Construction (craftsmanship, make quality)

This fishing rod makes it a point to offer outstanding strength with its blank design but also aims to find the balance between strength with sensitivity.

This process begins with the employ of premium quality, carbon fiber rod blanks that further reinforce this general durability with extra strength thanks to the flex coat slow-cure finish.

However, this pole doesn’t just give you a bit of flex coat and hope for the best as it doubles up over itself, allowing one coat of the resin to completely cure before adding another coat.

Granted, with SCII carbon fiber graphite design’s advanced, performance-inspired design, you certainly don’t have to worry about blank strength.

That said, St. Croix’s advanced blanks may provide unparalleled strength within its class, but they do not use some of the more advanced construction processes that you might see on other rods.

It should also be noted that raw material used undergo the appropriate tempering so the high-grade materials of the blank live up to their billing. 


Generally, rod length is not one of the major factors to consider outside of making sure that you get one that provides the perfect length for your needs.

However, the Premier’s spinning lineup exceeds all expectations with a wider range to choose from than virtually any other maker or model on the market today.

For example, within the Premier’s spinning lineup, even the 2-piece SCII carbon blank construction comes in a wider range than you might expect with only the two shortest not offering two-piece models.

Even better, the graphite design doesn’t lose additional strength despite two-piece constructions thanks to the quality material used for its advanced blanks.


This is really where the pole earns its keep with an advanced carbon fiber composition for the blank material.

Compared to other rod materials, the Premier’s mid modulus graphite blank and advanced reinforcing technology impart strength with sensitivity for next-level performance– but it doesn’t just end with the blank.

These spinning rods feature guides with aluminum oxide, and while that may not necessarily meet the same standard of unparalleled strength as the blank, it allows for smooth, tangle-free casting.

It also doesn’t hurt that the reel seats are also made of carbon fiber, providing a firm base that still transfers the slightest vibration when a fish strikes.


A fishing pole’s action often comes in a single taper outside of maybe one alternative depending on the rod length, and this pole follows the trend.

That said, you can still get a rough idea of a Premier’s action by power so long as you remember that any of these options will only deviate from the general standard if they use a light or ultralight power.

Specifically, only the light or ultra-light power model may also be a moderate action spinning rod, which requires a bit more experience to use properly than the others.

Still, whichever action rod you choose, the premium quality and exclusive technologies all contribute to a pole that casts smoothly and accurately with a wide range of baits.


As will become expected with the Premier, you certainly don’t have to worry about a lack of options, and this pole offers a wider range of power specs than most.

A great example of this is how the St. Croix comes in power settings from the delicate ultra-light to the extra heavy power model– though not all of the casting models come in every power setting.

However, this variety of choices affords you the ability to carefully select the hook-setting power that works best for the type of fish you’re trying to catch.

On top of that, the design combined with the quality material used for the rod blank also gives you a touch of wiggle room, allowing a medium-light power rod to still work with bass fishing– though saltwater fishing is a bit of a stretch.


Most of the time, when you want to know about a pole’s taper, you just look at the rod’s action and determine where it bends along the blank’s length.

However, the Premier goes a step above and beyond once again thanks to its Advanced IPC Integrated Poly Curve taper enhancement technology– one of many proprietary technologies used.

The integrated Poly Curve ensures that the mid modulus graphite blank doesn’t have to worry about any “dead zones” along the pole when casting.

All combined, this approach not only improves the pole’s sensitivity for the surest hook sets but also increases your casting accuracy regardless of which action you choose– including the slower actions.

Rod Guides

These spinning rods feature Kigan Master Hand 3D aluminum oxide guides which are not only made of high-grade materials but also come with a Kigan hook-keeper.

That said, the Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings are high-grade components in their own right and help contribute to the pole’s legendary performance.

Still, the Kigan Master Hand 3D, slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings aren’t perfect as they suffer a bit with heavy lures, determined by the lure weight.

However, this has more to do with aluminum guides’ strength, in general, though you should still be able to a range of baits from spinner baits to chatter baits.

It also doesn’t hurt that the black aluminum oxide guides look as sleek as the guides with aluminum oxide feel when casting and further improve an already excellent product.

Handle (material, shape, etc)

The Premier fishing pole uses premium-grade cork handles, so you can rest assured that you start out with a firm, comfortable grip.

However, the cork grip handle is even more convenient when you consider that it allows you to maintain a firm grasp even in wet conditions– the exact kind of conditions you expect to find on open waters.

Still, the cork grip handle employs a split design with frosted silver hoods that accept almost any size reel without issue.

Even better, this cork grip handle comes in 7 different handle options, though sadly not every rod model offers all of the handle options.

Still, a cork handle tends to be the choice in terms of all-purpose fishing.

Type of Rod

Not every casting rod works the same, but spinning rods tend to be some of the easier to use– especially when it comes to casting.

Unlike a baitcasting rod, spinners require significantly less control during the release to prevent the line from tangling and ensure that you cast with the kind of accuracy and distance you want.

This means that a spinning rod works as well in the hands of an experienced angler as a beginner when compared to bait casters.

However, spinners also provide a much stronger base to fish from as the line travels across the top of the pole, using the pole itself as a brace when bending and flexing.

Reel and Real Seat Compatibility

The spinning rods feature a high-quality FUJI DPS reel seat that is so much more durable than the soft plastic used by lesser competitors that it almost doesn’t bear mentioning.

However, when compared to other mid to high-tier fishing poles, the Premier still comes out a little bit ahead of some of the competition in many instances.

This advantage comes about due to how the high-quality FUJI DPS reel seat locks in place with a traditional locking bolt.

This may not make disassembling the reel seat easier but ensures the seat keeps a tighter grip on the reel.


While certainly not a budget spinning rod, the Premier still comes with a 5-year warranty, though that is on the average side (and certainly not as good as some of the competition).

Part of the issue, aside from the fact that it’s not longer, is that you also have to pay for shipping– and the cost of shipping depends on whether you upgraded the warranty further or not.

Conclusion (Wrap Up)

The Premier is an American-made fishing rod with a blend of premium components that is often a top choice for premium fishing.

Its slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings are not only reasonably strong but provide some of the smoothest casts you’ve ever felt while the spinning seat helps prevent the rings from separating from the inserts.

These spinning rods feature a Kigan hook-keeper, so you don’t have to worry about the lure snagging on anything when you aren’t casting it.

On top of that, the rod materials are top-notch with SCII mid modulus carbon fiber doing most of the heavy lifting and reinforced with two coats of resin, so you don’t have to worry about losing any sensitivity.